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Which Conditions Can an Orthopedic Specialist Treat

Which Conditions Can an Orthopedic Specialist Treat

Orthopedics is an area of specialization that deals with the treatment, prevention, diagnosis, and the correction of deformities that affect the tendons, muscles, ligaments, joints, cartilages, and skeleton, usually known as the musculoskeletal system. This system is responsible for movement, support, form, and stability of the body. An orthopedic surgeon specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the spine and related structures.

They also help patients with innate deformities, metabolic problems, trauma, tumors, retrogressive infections of the knees, hands, shoulders, hips, elbows, and feet of children and adults. If you have a medical condition affecting the bones and would like to meet an orthopedic surgeon in West Orange, NJ, make an appointment and visit Orange Orthopedic Associates. The facility has skilled personnel who will offer excellent services.

Why visit Orange Orthopaedic Associates?

Orange Orthopaedic Associates is an orthopedic clinic situated in West Orange in New Jersey. The clinic has skilled specialists like Dr. James Lee, Jr., who are well trained and utilize their experiences to handle orthopedic conditions. The facility has an accreditation and insurance coverage known as the National Provider Identifier issued by the government to health providers.

What are the services offered at Orange Orthopaedic Associates?

Hand and elbow

Having a pain-free hand and elbow is a goal due to the daily activities that require their use. Orthopedic surgeons at Orange Orthopaedic Associates are skilled and certified to provide a diagnosis and treatment of your hand and elbow. They have an assured medical, surgical, and other rehabilitative means to restore the full functioning of your hand and elbow.

Hip and knee

Surgeons here are specialized in excellent clinical care; they can restore hip and knee functionality in a process known as arthroplasty.

Foot and ankle

If you often experience pain or discomfort at your knee and ankle, do not worry since orthopedic surgeons at Orange Orthopaedic Associates are trained to solve your problem. They are skilled in providing reconstructive surgery for foot traumas, offering sports medicine, and reconstructing procedures for both children and adults.


This involves examination and non-surgical and surgical treatment of the spinal problems such as reconstructive, degenerative, tumor, trauma, and deformity of the spine.


This area is concerned with issues that affect the musculoskeletal system due to sporting activities. Specialists at Orange Orthopaedic Associates are skilled in training and fitness, conditioning, performance in athletics, and the effects of diet, medicine, and nutrition-related to health and performance. They are well equipped and employ tried and tested rehabilitation procedures to ensure your sports injuries are healed.

Orange Orthopaedic Associates also offers services such as general orthopedics, pediatric orthopedics, and orthopedic trauma. If you are ready to put a stop to chronic pain and long-term ailments of the musculoskeletal system, it is recommended that you seek consultation with your orthopedic surgeon.

An early appointment with a specialist can help save you from undergoing aggressive treatment options, including surgery. The first appointment with your specialist will allow him to identify the cause and offer treatment that will give you a happy life without worries and pains.

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