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Breast Augmentation and Reduction Procedures to Boost Your Confidence

Breast Augmentation and Reduction Procedures to Boost Your Confidence

Not all of us feel entirely comfortable in our bodies. For some, the dissatisfaction might be the fine lines on their faces or excess belly fat. Breast size is a common dissatisfaction you are likely to have. While some women struggle with large breasts, others envy women with fuller chests. The good news is, boosting your self-esteem and enhancing your appearance has become easy with plastic surgery. Whether it is breast reduction you need or an augmentation, Atlanta John David Mullins, MD PC is the place to be. Dr. Mullins and his team are dedicated to helping you feel great about your breasts and body contours.

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Breast augmentation

Also referred to as augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation is an enhancement treatment that entails placing implants beneath your breast tissue to add volume to your breasts. There are two distinct ways your surgeon may perform the procedure, either behind your breast muscle or under your breast tissue. Before the procedure, your doctor will discuss the various options with you and then settle on the best approach that suits your aesthetic needs. The procedure’s primary benefit is the enhancement it brings to your breasts. Augmentation is not only about enlarging your breasts to a fuller size. The treatment also addresses several other issues and will be beneficial if you have:

  •         Too small of breasts
  •         Uneven breasts or breasts that have no proportion 
  •         Breasts that have no volume
  •         Breasts without projection
  •         Poor cleavage

Besides the physical benefits, breast augmentation may also grant you emotional benefits. You are most likely to have a boost in your self-confidence after the procedure. Besides feeling youthful and having a full chest, the treatment has other benefits. They include:

  •         The procedure will give you symmetrical breasts
  •         Your breasts will feel and appear natural
  •         Fewer risks, especially if your doctor is an experienced plastic surgeon
  •         Augmentation will make it easier for you to shop for clothes
  •         Evident satisfaction

Breast reduction

Sometimes your large breasts may be out of proportion with your body, causing you to experience shoulder pain, back pain, and neck pain. Therefore, breast reduction will be beneficial if you desire proportional breasts. Your doctor may recommend the procedure for both aesthetic and medical purposes. Large breasts are likely to interfere with your everyday activities, resulting in upper extremity complications like frequent headaches. 

Shifting your breast tissue to an upward position and minimizing your weight will improve your posture, decreasing your tension and bra strap pressure on your neck and shoulders. Your doctor will recommend the treatment when you have issues like:

  •         Difficulty fitting in clothes
  •         Low self-image
  •         Chronic shoulder, back, and neck pain
  •         Severe rash or skin irritation beneath your breasts
  •         Restricted activity
  •         Nerve pain

Though it is an effective procedure that may give you a more feminine and attractive physique, your doctor may discourage you from going through the treatment if you:

  •         Are obese
  •         Have an underlying condition like diabetes
  •         Won’t accept the idea of having scars on your breasts
  •         Smoke

You may also postpone the procedure if you have plans of getting pregnant or losing weight.

Breast dissatisfaction will permeate into almost everything you do, from shopping for clothes to how you relate with others. Contact your doctor today for a reduction or augmentation if your breasts are affecting your relationships.

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