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Here’s why you must hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in Texas

hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in Texas

Unlike in a lot of other states, employers in Texas don’t necessarily need to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you are injured at work, you can either file a workers’ compensation claim (provided your employer has the same), or can sue your employer. When it comes to getting a fair compensation from workers’ compensation insurance, you must consider seeking legal expertise. While there is no law that makes it mandatory to hire one, working with a reliable Phoenix workers’ compensation lawyer can help your case in more ways than one.

  1. Know your rights and responsibilities. Following an accident, you must inform your employer, who will, in return, inform the insurance company. As per Texas law, you have 30 days to inform your employer after an accident. It is, however, not recommended that you wait for long. If you miss informing your employer, your claim may be denied. You need an attorney, so that you are aware of your rights, duties and responsibilities. Note that you have the right to choose an injury doctor you want.
  2. Find the worth of your claim. How much can you expect from workers’ compensation coverage? While you are entitled to benefits, getting a fair settlement can be overwhelming. You need an attorney, so that you know the ideal compensation, keeping your injuries, suffering, and losses in consideration.
  3. Negotiate better. Keep in mind that insurance companies are working for profit, and they are not actually interested in paying more. After all, they may their profits through premiums. Also, insurance companies have necessary financial and legal resources, and without an attorney, you may end up losing your chance of fair compensation. When you hire an attorney, they will negotiate the workers’ compensation claim on your behalf.

In case your claim is denied, or you are not happy with the outcome, your lawyer will help with an appeal.

How to find the right workers’ compensation lawyer?

Not all personal injury lawyers deal with workers’ compensation claims, so ask in advance. It is always wise and important to work with an attorney, who is experienced, skilled, and known. The first meeting with an attorney is important, and you can ask relevant questions related to their expertise. As for the cost of hiring a lawyer, it depends on the complications of the case. You can expect an attorney to work on a contingency fee too.

Hire a workers’ compensation attorney immediately after the workplace accident.

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