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A Guide on How to Successfully Get Your Social Security Disability Claim Approved

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The two disability benefit government schemes that cover the financial needs of physically and mentally challenged citizens in Washington and Fayetteville are the SSDI (Social Security disability insurance) scheme and the SSI (Supplemental security income) scheme. The conditions to file a claim for the monetary benefits under these schemes, you’ve got to meet the following conditions. 

  1. Claims filed under SSDI require proof of valid work history. Since it’s funded by payroll, you need to meet the financial, medical, and legal requirements as decided by the government. 
  2. Claims filed under SSI do not require proof of prior work history. The amount compensated depends upon the financial requirements of the disabled person. 

These laws are put in place to support disabled citizens. Nonetheless, most claims are rejected due to many reasons. If you filed a claim that’s rejected, you need legal advice before deciding to pursue the claim. Legal attorneys can help determine and validate the following facts first. 

  1. Finding out why the initial claim was rejected – If it was rejected due to missing documents, the attorney will advise you to get the proper tests done. 
  2. Finding out whether you applied under the right scheme – Sometimes, you might fall under the SSDI category and some other times, your case would be stronger under the SSI claim. Only a skilled attorney can establish which of the two is the better option for you. 

Always bear in mind, certain conditions have to be met to be even eligible for filing a claim under these schemes. The most important conditions are as follows. 

  1. If you have a physical or mental disability that cannot be treated and it’s of such serious nature that you are no longer in a condition to work for the rest of your life. 
  2. The nature of disability is so severe that the recovery time is expected to be approximately a year. 
  3. The kind of disability you developed doesn’t permit your body anymore to work in your previous line of work, that used to be your expertise. And, because of this reason, you’re either not getting a job or you get a job that pays way less than what’s essential for your survival. 

The responsible bodies also check your current financial status before passing the claim. Naturally, since so many factors influence the validity of the claim, the responsible bodies end up rejecting half the claims, making it almost impossible for the disabled to survive. This is where a reputable attorney like the Rogers social security disability attorney can help. 

These attorneys study the case of their clients, prepare all the necessary documents and certifications, and apply for reconsideration. In case of another rejection, they take the case in front of a judge and then an entire administrative council. 

If everything fails, they make sure they fight for your rights in a federal court. Hence, you must hire only those attorneys who have a successful courtroom winning record. Therefore, never rush into deciding which attorney to hire. Always take the final call very carefully. 

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