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Typical Injuries That Can Potentially Turn Fatal With Delayed Treatment

Typical Injuries That Can Potentially Turn Fatal With Delayed Treatment

Red Bank board certified physical medicine & rehabilitation physician Ron Ben-Meir, DO, FAAPMR, specializes in treating several acute and chronic pain types. Pain can potentially ruin your life, preventing you from functioning at full capacity. The good news is, an early diagnosis will help your doctor verify your pain’s nature and the extent of the damage. After a diagnosis, your doctor with design a regimen to help alleviate your pain and ease your symptoms, allowing you to lead a more comfortable life.

Common injuries likely to cause chronic pain include:

Personal injury

Have you been hurt and believe that someone else may be responsible for your harm because of wrongdoing, negligence, or malicious acts? If so, you may be suffering from a personal injury. Personal injuries will make you miss work and prevent you from performing the everyday activities you once enjoyed.  Following a personal injury, you are likely to suffer bodily harm, emotional distress, pain, and suffering. You are most likely to suffer from a personal injury because of:

  •         Slip and fall accidents at your workplace or other places like a grocery store
  •         Careless driving
  •         Unacceptable medical treatment
  •         Manufacturers’ products that might endanger your life

What should you expect during care for personal injuries?

A personal injury may adversely alter your ability to fully function for a long while, depending on your injuries’ severity. Your doctor will devise a treatment plan to get you back to your everyday life and, if possible, restore your mobility over time. Though car accident-related cases may take time to be fully realized, your doctor will address your immediate pain as he waits for the potential major symptoms to showcase. The health provider may recommend chiropractic care to manipulate your pain-causing areas, relieving you of the painful symptoms.

Auto accidents

While some people walk out of a car accident scene with severe injuries, you are likely to step out of the same accident with no signs of injury. In such an instance, you may be suffering from delayed injuries, which have the potential to worsen your symptoms, leading to a slow recovery, long-term disability, and in some cases even death.    

An auto accident can cause chronic pain and discomfort when you fail to contact your doctor for medical attention. Therefore, you should not hesitate to contact your doctor even when your injuries seem minor. You are unlikely to notice your injury symptoms after a car accident as you experience emotional trauma. As a result, you may feel symptoms like headaches, numbness, abdominal pain, and swelling several days after the accident. You are also likely to have personality changes and possibly PTSD. Treatment after such injuries depends on your diagnosis. The health expert’s prescription treatment may aid your quick recovery, making you comfortable throughout your recovery. Your treatment options may include orthotics and devices, acupuncture, medications, or physical therapy.

Whether you walked away from an accident scene with minor injuries or no symptoms, do not hesitate to contact your doctor for a professional assessment. Contacting your doctor immediately for an early evaluation will help the professional deal with immediate pain as he plans for a regimen to deal with other potential symptoms you may have long after suffering an injury.   

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