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Reasons Why You Should Let go of Your Excuses and Go for a Well-Woman Exam

Reasons Why You Should Let go of Your Excuses and Go for a Well-Woman Exam

Talking about sensitive matters, especially on reproduction, is not easy. You, therefore, look for possible excuses not to go for routine check-ups. Work, family, chores, and school come first and you think of no reason to make a trip to see your gynecologist. A woman’s health has unique needs that prompt you to see a professional at least once a year for a routine your doctor will term as a well-woman exam. Pearland med spa professionals offer comprehensive well-woman examinations to monitor your overall health. The tests and screening these experts provide during your evaluation will help diagnose a health problem early and find ways to treat them to improve your life quality.    

What does your gynecologist mean by Well-woman exams?

Several conditions like fibroids and diabetes might take a long time to show symptoms. A routine check-up will help your doctor diagnose some of your health concerns in their early stages and help you protect your health. During a well-woman exam, your doctor will screen you for diseases before recommending lifestyle modifications and offer you the best treatment to improve your health.   

What should you expect during your well-woman exams?

Before you make the trip to your gynecologist for the routine check, you should be ready to talk about your concerning symptoms and anything affecting your reproductive health. Well-woman exams not only take into consideration your reproductive health, but your doctor will also take a look at your overall health.

The exams usually start with a physical examination. During your physical exam, your care provider will check several details to assess potential complications. Your gynecologist might check your;

  •         Vitals
  •         Ears and throat
  •         Abdomen
  •         Heart and lungs
  •         Reflexes

After a physical exam, your doctor will then do a pelvic exam where the professional will assess various parts of your pelvis. Your gynecologist will evaluate both your internal and external exams. While your doctor will check for structural abnormalities and STIs on your external exam, the internal assessment will prompt him to do a quick swipe on your cervix to help check for abnormal cells in your cervix.

A manual exam is the last pelvic evaluation your doctor might conduct. During the process, your gynecologist will look at your uterus and ovaries for any abnormalities like lumps. The good thing about a well-woman exam is, you will have a one-on-one engagement with your doctor where you have the chance to ask your questions. During the session, your doctor will advise you to be free about your concerns, including your sexual activities and birth control.  

What happens during your breast examination?

Though a breast examination is a simple procedure you could do at home, your doctor might include the evaluation in your well-woman exams. Your doctor will use the assessment to look out for lumps or abnormal densities in your breasts. 

A well-woman exam is not a preserve for a specific bracket of women. The evaluation is important for you at any womanhood age, whether at the peak of your reproduction or in menopause. An exam is a significant way to know you are healthy and prevent possible health concerns. Inquire more on how you could benefit from a well-woman exam by scheduling an appointment with the experts. 

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