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Effective Medications to Alleviate Chest Pain

Chest Pain

Chest pains are excruciating and cause extreme discomfort most of the time. Your issue could arise from simple digestive issues or serious underlying conditions. You can understand the nature of your issue when you find Bakersfield chest pain experts. The specialists offer effective medications for chest pain while addressing the underlying cause of your pain.

Chest pain 101

Chest pain refers to any discomfort, dull or excruciating pain that occurs in your chest where there is an inadequate supply of oxygenated blood to your heart. You may experience a burning sensation in your chest and pain that radiates from your shoulders and spreads to your jaw, neck, and back.

What are the common symptoms of chest pain?

Most of the patients that present chest pains complain of general discomfort, tightening of the chest, and shortness of breath. Some of the symptoms of chest pain include:

  •                     Chest tightness
  •                     Nausea
  •                     Chest pressure
  •                     Cold sweats
  •                     Excruciating pain radiating to your neck, shoulders, arms, and jaw
  •                     Prolonged pain that worsens with intense activity
  •                     Shortness of breath
  •                     Vomiting
  •                     General body weakness
  •                     Unprecedented fullness in your chest
  •                     Dizziness

These symptoms should help you make a decision fast, especially if you have multiple of them. Heart Vascular & Leg Center has the tools for a proper diagnosis that will alleviate the pain.

Which conditions lead to the development of chest pain?

While chest pain can occur due to complications in your esophagus, lungs, nerves, ribs, and muscles, it might arise from an underlying life-threatening condition. The caring team at Heart Vascular & Leg recommends that if you experience any of the symptoms of chest pain, visit the facility for a proper diagnosis to rule out any complications due to underlying conditions. Some of the conditions that cause chest pains include:

  • Pericarditis

Pericarditis refers to your pericardium’s irritation and inflammation that results in excruciating chest pain radiating to your neck, arm, and shoulders.

  • Heart attack

This is a fatal condition that occurs due to your arteries’ blockage, resulting in an inadequate supply of oxygen-rich blood to your heart.

  • Angina

This condition occurs due to an inadequate supply of oxygen-rich blood to your heart due to the accumulation of plaques in the walls of your arteries.

  • Aortic dissection

This is a life-threatening heart condition that occurs due to the tearing and separation of the inner layers of your aorta.

What are the available treatments for chest pain?

The professional team at Heart Vascular & Leg Center recommend the following treatments for chest pain:

  • Thrombolytic drugs

These drugs dissolve blood clots when you’re experiencing a heart attack.

  • Blood thinners

These drugs prevent coagulation of blood hence reducing the risk of a heart attack.

  • Angioplasty and stent placement

During this procedure, your doctor uses a catheter to insert a stent and balloon through a blood vessel around your groin and inflates the balloon to unblock the artery. The stent remains in place to prevent the closure of the artery.

Chest pains can cause a lot of distress. Additionally, you could have a hidden issue that requires treatment as the reason for your chest pain. Call Heart Vascular & Leg center or book your place online via its website to begin your journey to wellness.

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