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Pros And Cons Of Mammography.


In modern technology, high-image screening mammograms are most effective for early detection of breast cancer before lumps can be felt or symptoms appear. Moreover, early diagnosis benefits the patient by increasing the chances of favorable outcomes. 

A reliable Boise mammography screening clinic can offer the most effective breast screening methods. The radiologists and the doctors will guide you on the details about mammography. 

What are the advantages of mammography? 

Reduce the risk of unfavorable outcomes of breast cancer: 

Regular screening of the breast tissue helps diagnose any change or abnormal tissue growth before it can get any worse. 

Reduces the risk of having to undergo chemotherapy:

Mammography helps to detect breast cancer at an early stage. Therefore, the treatment is possible without undergoing chemotherapy. 

Allow women to know the health of their breasts: 

With regular mammography and other screening techniques, a woman can be well aware of the health of her breast.

What are the disadvantages of mammography? 

Periods of waiting until the results arrive and anxiety when additional examinations are required: 

According to statistics, about 50% of the women who participate in screening for almost 20 years must undergo an additional examination. When a female is asked to have further examinations, it makes her worry over the current screening results, leading to severe anxiety. 


When a female does not have any visual signs of breast cancer or nothing can be felt on palpation. In such cases, mammography can help diagnose the cancerous tissue, which would never have been detected if the screening was not performed. 

However, it is impossible to differentiate between harmless cancer or deadly ones at certain times. So, a patient can suffer side effects because of overdiagnosis or receive treatment that would not be necessary. 

What are the limitations of mammography?

At times these procedures do not guarantee that all breast cancer will be detected: 

According to the reports, of 1,000 patients who have a mammogram every two years for 20 years, out of these, 77 are diagnosed with breast cancer, and out of which 21 are diagnosed with cancer despite their mammography results being normal. This could happen if cancer is not visible on a mammogram or cancer has not yet developed at the time of mammography. 

That all participants with cancer will survive:

According to the reports, of 1000 women who have a mammogram every two years for 20 years. It has been reported that 13 women have died from breast cancer. 

Before you decide to take up mammography, keep these pros mentioned above and cons in mind. Moreover, you may talk to a doctor before taking up a mammogram.

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