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How Dash Cam Can Be Used As Evidence In A Car Accident Claim

Dash Cam In Car Accident

You may follow all the traffic laws and safety measures for a safe drive on the road. However, you still cannot prevent accidents completely as not all drivers may be as careful as you. Road car accidents happen all the time, and facing injuries can be a tough time. In such cases, you may want to file a claim against the liable party and recover compensation. 

For getting compensation, you will need to provide necessary evidence proving the defendant’s liability. Many drivers have a dashcam in their car to record the entire accident and prove who’s guilty. But before that, you need to understand clearly if dash cams are actually allowed to be presented as evidence in court. A Lehi, UT car accident lawyer can help you gather the essential evidence and build your case. 

Can dashcams be used as evidence in a car accident claim?

Whether dash cams can be used as evidence really depends on whether they are legal to be installed in your car in the first place. US states have differing laws. However, you would be happy to know that all American states allow people to fix a dash cam on their windshield. Keep in mind that you can use them only in your private vehicle. 

Since they are legal, dash cams have no real reason to be rejected as evidence and are most likely to be accepted. Photographs and video footage are some of the most vital pieces of evidence in any legal case, as the jury can see the truth with their own eyes. If the collision is recorded on the camera, it would be fairly easy to determine who was at fault. Even if the other party is lying or refusing to accept the blame, no one will be able to deny the truth in the video footage. 

Are there any instances when dash cams are useless in a case?

Cameras are just cameras and not real human eyes. They may not always capture the right thing from the right angle. If your camera does not capture the exact moment when the defendant violated the law or caused the collision, your footage is useless. Also, if your camera was dirty or has a poor quality image that is unclear to see, the jury may not accept it as evidence. 

Moreover, if you even had some fault in the accident which had not come to light yet, showing the footage can do more harm than good. The defendant’s attorney may use it to shift the blame on you, which can significantly weaken your case. Therefore, it is better to speak with your attorney before choosing to use your dashcam footage as evidence. 

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