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When it Comes to Perfect Teeth, Prevention is Better Than the Cure


Preventative dental care is the maintenance of your excellent oral health. Regular visits to the dentist will enable you to stay ahead of any potential problems or more complex problems that can be avoided through routine visits to the dentist. The team of board-certified dentists at West End Dental including Edward Kim MS, DDS, offers preventative dental care helping patients maintain healthy teeth and the perfect smile.

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What happens during a dental visit?

Usually, at your preventative care appointment, it includes cleaning, radiographs that are necessary for your oral care provider to see in between your teeth when evaluating the jaw bone area, fluoride, sealants if needed, and any other services that are required to maintain a healthy bite, such as mouth guards.

The best cure for any dental concern is prevention; but, to prevent oral diseases, you have to be aware of the different teeth pathologies and how you can best care for your teeth. For this reason, your dental care provider will ensure that you are educated on the importance of proper dental habits like regular brushing of teeth and gums, why sugary foods are harmful to your teeth, and why you should regularly visit the dentist.

Dental cleaning at West End Dental is a one-hour appointment. During your initial visit, your dentist will gather all the necessary information about your oral health at that time and then move forward with a plan such as cleaning, fluoride, and may involve some digital X-rays to track the areas in your teeth and bones and ensure they remain healthy.

During your dental cleaning appointments, your doctor will also chart your gums’ status to make sure they are as healthy as possible. Your doctor may also conduct an oral cancer screening to ensure no signs of tumors in the oral cavity.

For younger patients, dental sealants are essential in protecting the top, chewing surface of the teeth that have more grooves and therefore more potential for getting cavities. By sealing this top surface, the chance of a cavity or break down of the top layer decreases.

Your oral care provider will also check with you at your initial appointment about the health of your TMJ joint. Many people suffer from facial pain and joint problems that they can develop through excessive clenching, grinding, or past trauma to the jaw. When your doctor checks in with you regarding your TMJ’s health, he or she will develop the proper treatment for you, which usually involves some night guard that you should wear.

A dental hygienist will talk with you about the importance of having specific goals and needs for your oral health, including any customized treatments such as sealants or night splints—anything that will help you with sensitivity like a special toothpaste.

Maintaining your commitment to the dentist is important because it will help you prevent more problems down the road. Your dentist will try to make it easy, convenient, and comfortable for you to keep attending your dental cleaning appointments so that they flow easily into your day. Your oral practitioner will develop a comprehensive plan for you and keep you on a schedule for healthy teeth and maintenance.

Contact West End Dental to find out how you can start caring for your teeth to avoid future health concerns.

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