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What is Mommy Makeover in Women?


Becoming pregnant and giving birth safely is a beautiful thing that makes you, your friends, and family members very happy. However, after giving birth, your body may incur some changes, which come due to hormonal change and mode of dieting. Many women may consider these changes as a “sign of victory,” while others may feel unhappy with their body transformation, areas on a woman’s body that change include the abdomen, skin, and breasts. Mommy makeover is a series of procedures that you can undergo to restore your bodys’ appearance. If you are unhappy with your body transformation after birth, a mommy makeover in Pasadena is a health care center that can restore the shape of your body parts. Below are some mommy makeover procedures you can undergo.

Types of Procedures Associated With Mommy Makeover

There are several mommy makeover procedures you can undergo after giving birth. However, since having body transformation is not a disease, you can opt not to have any mommy makeover procedure. Some of the treatments you can undergo includes:

  •   Breast Augmentation. When you become pregnant the breast enlarges, giving them a large volume to hold milk. After breastfeeding, they may sag as time goes on. Breast augmentation is a technique that your doctor can perform to minimize sagging. Sagging breasts can lower your self-esteem when you are with your friends and workmates, your doctor can perform surgery to remove excess skin and tissues in your breasts to make them small and tight. The cuts made during augmentation are treated and left to heal.
  •   Body Sculpting. During pregnancy, you are capable of eating a lot of food due to an increase in appetite. More food can make your body grow larger and increase fat in the tissues, for the removal of fatty cells and tissues, your doctor may take you through body sculpting. There are several ways the fat can be reduced, in the cell, to give you a perfect body shape after birth. These ways include cryolipolysis, radio-frequency lipolysis, and injection lipolysis. According to research, for you to have back your natural body appearance, you are supposed to undergo body sculpting several times.
  •   Abdominoplasty. For your belly to accommodate the baby, the skin must stretch and grow larger than usual. After giving birth, the skin may not contract to its original position; however, you can also develop stretch marks and weak stomach muscles. Some women may feel uncomfortable with their loose belly and stretch marks, calling to a process called tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty. Your doctor will carry out certain services to eliminate stretch marks and put the loose belly muscles back to their normal positions. This procedure might take some time to eliminate belly muscles if your skin was excessively stretched.

Mommy makeover procedures concentrate more on women who have given birth. Since these procedures are considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance, it is vital to find an excellent doctor to minimize side effects. Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center is the best health center you can consult.

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