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How to Get Relief From Chronic Back Pain Using Spinal Stimulation

Chronic Back Pain

Most people suffer from chronic back pain at some point in their lifetime. Fortunately, Pacific Sports and Spine offer spinal cord stimulation in Eugene to help manage your chronic condition that otherwise may have failed to improve through medical or surgical treatment. If you don’t get relief from your chronic back pain, it affects your emotions, your physical activity, and your lifestyle.

Who should consider spinal cord stimulation?

Those who suffer from chronic back pain which does not improve with medical or surgical treatment should consider spinal cord stimulation. Besides helping back pain, spinal cord stimulation can improve other chronic conditions such as neck pain or arm pain.

Perhaps you are experiencing an arachnoiditis condition that affects your spinal nerves’ protective layers, causing some scarring and inflammation, which is very painful. Another reason to choose spinal cord stimulation is if you are suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy. This disease is known to damage your distant nerves, leading to persistent burning pains in your legs. 

Suppose you suffer from spinal cord injuries, sciatica, and complex regional pain syndrome that affect your nervous system causing persistent burning pain.

If you suffer from any of these chronic and painful ailments, consider spinal cord stimulation to help resolve your malady.

Preparations before spinal cord stimulation procedure

Before you undergo the procedure, your doctor will conduct a thorough examination to understand your chronic condition and develop an effective treatment plan. You will be asked to inform your doctor if you have bleeding or blood clots, taking blood thinners, have high blood pressure, or any allergies.

Spinal cord stimulation treatment procedure

Your doctor will talk you through the two stages of the spinal cord stimulation procedure. The first stage is a trial procedure and the final stage is a permanent procedure.

The trial procedure

During this procedure, your doctor will administer a local anesthetic then use an x-ray to guide the processes. Your doctor will make an incision at your spine and remove a piece of your lamina and place an electrode on the targeted area on your spinal cord. Your doctor will then test the device enquiring from you if you can feel the stimulation on your back.

After placing the device, your doctor will request you to keep a pain journal for about a week. 

Permanent procedure

After one week, your doctor will check your pain journal, and if the treatment has made a great relief, your doctor will recommend a permanent spinal cord stimulation procedure.

Recovery after the spinal cord stimulation procedure

Depending on the individual, recovery time can take one to two weeks. To help in your recovery, you should do the following: 

  • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
  •  Avoid physical activities that include twisting, climbing, and bending. 
  • Take a sponge bath until your doctor informs you it is okay to take a shower.
  • Take your medication as instructed by your doctor and get enough sleep. 
  • Avoid removing your bandages until you receive instructions from your doctor.

Ensure you attend all scheduled appointments to allow your doctor to evaluate your system, assess your recovery progress, and observe your incisions. In case of any signs of complication, inform your doctor immediately.

If you are struggling with chronic back pain, do not hesitate to call or book an appointment online with Pacific Sports and Spine.

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