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Groundbreaking Facts on School Physicals

Groundbreaking Facts on School Physicals

What is the significance of school physicals as you enter a new school year? Based on your preferences, child’s school, level of education, or school district, you may need to get a school physical at Family Life Medical. Dr. Kyle Scarborough offers conclusive school physicals in Conroe, Texas. After a physical examination, Dr. Scarborough completes all forms and documentation required by the school or college.

This piece highlights information that you ought to know about school physicals.

Who Needs a School Physical?

School going children need school physicals at different stages and ages, based on the school and school district. Most schools in the United States require new students and athletes to go through a school physical, while others require a physical every year.

Some colleges require new students to get a school physical to process the admission of your child. School physicals are best for official purposes but can be used to monitor your child’s overall health and wellness and diagnose emerging health problems.

What Forms Are Completed for a School Physical

The forms required differ from one school to the other. Most schools require a student to complete a follow up of health appraisal form. Dr. Scarborough fills and signs all relevant forms to verify that your child is in good health.

What is Involved in a School Physical?

A school physical involves two parts. In the first part, Dr. Scarborough commences by reviewing your medical history, considering past injuries, serious illnesses, past surgeries, hospital stays, family illnesses, and allergies.

The second part includes an examination of vital signs, weight, and height. Dr. Scarborough also checks your lungs, heart, ears, eyes, nose, throat, flexibility level, reflexes, and strength.

The validity of School Physicals

Most schools accept school physicals for up to twelve months from the date of examination. Certain groups, like schools offering special education, accept school physicals for up to three years. Confirm with your school to determine the validity period of your school physical to avoid confusion at the last minute as schools reopen.

Other Services Offered at Family Life Medical

Dr. Scarborough welcomes new patients seeking the services of a specialist in:

  •   Bioidentical hormone therapy
  •   Skin rejuvenation
  •   Diabetes
  •   Geriatric care
  •   High cholesterol
  •   Hypertension
  •   Well-woman exams
  •   Wellness exams
  •   Tattoo removal
  •   Pre-ops and hospital follow-ups
  •   Flu shot

Office Hours

Monday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Tuesday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Why Should I Visit Family Life Medical?

  •   Dr. Scarborough uses customized treatment plans to address individual concerns.
  •   The testimonials are evident that Dr. Scarborough is oriented towards patient satisfaction.
  •   Dr. Scarborough conducts a comprehensive school physical and fills relevant forms.
  •   You can pay for school physicals and other services through different modes of payment and insurance providers.
  •   Family Life Medical is equipped with modern equipment facilitating the production of accurate test results.

Wrap Up

Dr. Kyle Scarborough delivers quality care for your entire family. You can make same-day appointments with Family Life Medical through a phone call or the online platform. Your experience is more fun and productive through the patient portal and telehealth visit appointments from your home.

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