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Risks Associated with Usage of Paragard IUD

Paragard IUD

Paragard is one of the effective IUDs in the market. This device is commonly used for contraception. This device is in T-shape and made of plastic. It has a thin layer of copper that creates an unfavorable environment for the eggs as well as sperms and prevents pregnancy. According to the manufacturers, this device is removable as well as could last for about 10 years. However, in case the device falls out, migrates, or pierces the uterine wall, severe complications can occur.

Complications: Migration, Expulsion, Infection, Perforation

Usually, IUD is a small piece of plastic that comes in different shapes. It is implanted in the uterus in order to provide birth control. These are expected to be effective as well as last from 4 to 6 years, under the best circumstances. While the results are promising, women can suffer from unexpected injuries due to the usage of IUD. This device can break or cause perforation of the uterus or become embedded in the uterus.

Perforation means IUD publishing in or through uterus muscles. The other IUD complications are the risk of expulsion and infection. When IUD moves from its projected position and then migrates to other areas like the vagina, the expulsion occurs. Sometimes, this could cause pain to the user as well as decrease the contraceptive effectiveness of the device. The cases of migration of IUD often lead to women having to take the surgery to get the device removed and replaced.

Defective Design: Broken Arms, Old Plastic Fractures

Along with the serious complications, it is found that when an IUD gets older and stays in the uterus, it might become weaker. Simultaneously, it could fracture and break during removal. As the Paragard is T-shaped, the arms can break during removing. Moreover, during the insertion procedure, the IUDs can cause discomfort as well as pain. Moreover, it can result in irregular periods, cramps, and backache throughout the use of IUD.

According to a study, many women reported that the device broke and embedded in uterus and they required surgery to get that device removed. Some women reported that the doctor removed the device and found one arm missing. Such kind of instances can affect the health of the users and lead to different kinds of complications. The list of complications includes IUD migration, infection or abscess, ectopic pregnancy, scarring or damage to other organs, perforation of the cervix, or even death.

Medical Issues Due to Paragard IUD

When a Paragard breaks off, its parts need to be removed. In order to remove the broken pieces, the women often require surgery. These types of surgeries can lead to considerable physical as well as mental anguish for the women. Moreover, the unexpected medicals costs can be burdensome for the women as well as their families.

While there are effective components of IUD, women need to be aware of the complications caused due to their usage. In case you or a loved one has experienced any injury due to the usage of IUD, you might be eligible for compensation. Consulting an experienced attorney would help you know if the Paragard IUD lawsuit is a viable action for you.

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