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What You Need to Know About Obstetrics, Pelvic Aesthetic Surgery, and Gynecology

Pelvic Aesthetic Surgery

Many women suffer from reproductive health challenges in silence. The disorders result in failed marriages, low self-esteem, or lack of interest in intimacy due to a feeling of looseness or enlargement of the female organ. Many surgeons have explored aesthetic gynecology due to increased patient demand. Technology and fashion resulted in beauty perception change.

Upon your request, pelvic rehabilitation and urinary incontinence in Forest Hills is addressed through vaginal tightening, deeper canal surgery, vaginal entrance correction, and epithelium or vaginoplasty service. The procedure fulfills your desire to improve sexual function and increased satisfaction for both partners or reduce discomfort when doing fitness or wearing clothes. Further, clients experiencing anxiety regarding the dark-colored appearance of the labia majora or perceived larger size will have a solution through the prescribed patient’s anatomy and acquire increased satisfaction.

Anatomy and Physiology

Normal vulvovaginal anatomy was first described by Waldeyer in 1899, reporting that normal nootropic labia minora measures 2.5 – 3.5 cm. Women’s physiologic changes occur and are at their best during fertile age. Childbirth causes slackness and lost tightness, and as women age, it causes less sexual sensitivity and a feeling of wideness to them and their partners.

Age further causes hypertrophy, an irritation experienced during intercourse, urinary incontinence, and lymph stasis.

Some surgical treatment procedures carried out includes the following:

  1. Laser Treatment for Vaginal Laxity

This involves a want being inserted into the vagina to release fractionated carbon dioxide, heating up the tissue and encouraging the reaction of collagen to heal the laxity. There is minimized thermal damage through the procedure. The laser beams heat the later mucosal tissues resulting in contraction of the vaginal muscles.

  1. RF Vaginal Rejuvenation

This form of vaginal treatment suits vaginal laxity resulting from age or childbirth. Temperature-controlled radio frequency is involved in this procedure. The procedure enables collagen fibers to heat and cause structure folding that finally results in healing.

  1. Vulvar Tightening

The technique achieves tightening and whitening of the vulvar through fractionated CO2 or chemical reagents. Hyperpigmentation occurs through the use of energy-based devices like CO2 laser to tighten the section.

  1. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The high levels of growth factors called platelet-derived growth factors cause enhanced growth, resulting in better epidermal growth.

Vaginal Tightening Procedure

The procedure promotes vaginal muscle tone and strength and decreases the external and internal diameters. Women choosing to have the procedure done are those experiencing serious vaginal functional disorders. Several studies suggest the use of special fat injections that eventually result in turgidity in the organ. There are reconstructions done, and in case of localized bleeding complications, the plastic surgeon does a follow-up. Other procedures done include pubic enhancement, perineoplasty, G-Spot Amplification, and clitoral reduction.

The above pelvic aesthetic surgery procedures apply to women who are not confident of their sexual organs. Involve an expert surgeon for the procedure to come out successfully. Go for the tightening of the vaginal muscles at the outstanding treatment centers. The clitoral disorders correction and intimacy confidence restoration achievements are guaranteed. With the right follow up or checkup procedure, it is easy to heal quickly after a professional pelvic aesthetic procedure. Call Yakov Levy, MD, PC and book an appointment now!

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