Dental Care

Understanding Dental Problems and Their Care

Dental Problems

Dental problems have arisen in the current society, and there has arisen a need to educate people on the causes, types, and how to take care of these problems. There is a need to educate on the importance of brushing the teeth regularly to maintain good hygiene. Suppose one does not take good care of his teeth, problems such as gingivitis and periodontitis can occur. These are the most common problems associated with dental care. They are associated with bad breath, nerve pain, and tooth decay. If experiencing these symptoms, visit Downtown, DC cosmetic dentist for more help.

What is Gingivitis, and What Are the Symptoms?

This is a problem generally associated with gums. The gums become inflamed because of plaque or rather bacteria accumulating on the teeth. The signs of gingivitis are that the gums become red and puffy. This makes the gums bleed when brushing or chewing. In some cases, patients may not recognize that they have symptoms; however, one should take immediate actions when experiencing these signs. If you have these signs, it advisable that you visit a dentist.

What is Periodontitis, and What Are the Symptoms?

This is more serious than gingivitis, and it infects the gums. It is usually caused by bacteria that tend to accumulate on the teeth and gums. It damages the bones and the teeth as it continues to progress. This problem is generally associated with swollen gums, a lot of pain when chewing, and some teeth become loose leading to bad breath and misalignment.

Plaque also tends to build up on teeth surfaces, leading to decay, tooth loss, and a foul taste.                

Causes of Gingivitis and Periodontitis                

The leading cause of this disease is the bacteria that accumulates in the mouth, which forms plaque that coats the surface of the teeth. Not brushing the teeth is also another major cause. This makes bacteria combine with deposits from the mouth, forming the plaque, leading to tooth decay. The other major cause is smoking, which also leads to the formation of plaque on teeth surfaces.

How to Diagnose Gingivitis and Periodontitis

It would be best if you visited a dentist regularly. This will help detect signs of these diseases at a very early stage. If some signs are detected, it will be easier to monitor so that it does not worsen.

How is the Condition Treated?

Treatment is made by ensuring plaque and all the bacterial deposits in the mouth have been removed, this prevents both tooth decay and gum problems. The other ways are ensuring that you brush teeth regularly with toothpaste rich in fluoride and avoiding habits such as smoking. Ensure that you eat fruits such as apples and foods rich in calcium. They help in strengthening teeth.

The use of antibiotics prescribed by a dentist is also another way to treat gums. These antibiotics are in the form of mouthwash, gel, or preferably tablets, which helps in reducing gum problems and removing plaque.


One should take good care of their teeth to avoid tooth decay and gum problems. This will greatly help in preventing gingivitis and periodontitis.

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