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Treat Your Back-Related Problems in Roswell at Apex Spine and Neurosurgery

Spine and Neurosurgery

Are you suffering from spinal disorders, back pain, or any back-related issues? Apex Spine and Neurosurgery is a great place to settle your worries. They have experienced staff who work hard to fulfill the goal of their clients. Consult a Roswell herniated disc specialist if you have spinal stress or pain, as it indicates a serious and severe disorder. Specialists are devoted to maintaining your spinal health and relieving back and neck pain.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc is a condition where small and protective discs, usually located between the vertebrae, are put under too much pressure during an injury or, due to age related issues, are forced out through the outer disc layer of the spine. The disc is capable of pushing against the surrounding spinal nerves, leading to persistent spinal pain. Herniated disc can occur anywhere along the human spine, and each location affects the body differently. When the affected discs are in the cervical area, symptoms will be experienced in the neck region. When affected discs are in the lumbar area, signs will be experienced on the lower back.

Treatment of Herniated Disc

A team of staff at the clinic can use magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography scan, or x-rays to identify any case of the herniated disc along the spine. Upon identification of a damaged disc, the clinic’s neurosurgery team will customize a treatment plan to relieve the patient from pressure on the spinal nerves causing the pain. A simple treatment can be done to reduce pain. Non-surgical therapy can be applied to reduce pain and improve the mobility of the patient. Anti-inflammatory medication and steroid injections can be injected into the spine to calm swelling and numbness surrounding the nervous system.

If the therapy and steroid injections are not enough to manage the chronic pain caused by the disorder, the physicians may recommend surgery. The surgery involves removing damaged discs from the spine. Microdiscectomy is also a type of surgery that requires small incisions to remove damaged parts of the discs. Bone grafting can be an efficient way to treat a herniated disc. The bone is implanted in between two vertebrae, where it is the initial location of the disc. Over time, the grafted bone fuses with the vertebral bone, forming a solid piece able to support the spine.

Apart from a herniated disc, Apex Spine and Neurosurgery is famous for its numerous spine disorder treatments and services like spinal decompression, minimally invasive spine surgery, motor vehicle accident injury, spinal stenosis, neck pain, back pain, scoliosis, pinched nerves, microvascular decompression, spine surgery, discectomy and fusion, cervical fusion, Chiari malformation, Tarlov cysts, and hydrocephalus.

A significant population tends to be suffering from a spinal disorder, but they ignore or lack full information about the condition. Spinal related diseases can be a form of discomfort among individuals, and sometimes a difficult situation can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis of the body if left unattended. If you are suffering from the above conditions, it will be wise to seek medical attention from Apex Spine and Neurosurgery Center, where a team of staff is ready to work together with you to achieve your goals. You can book an online appointment to meet the doctor. The clinic is located in Roswell, Georgia.

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