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Coping mechanisms for women with endometriosis

Coping mechanisms for women

Has endometriosis affected you mentally and physically? Endometriosis causes uterine walls to grow in organs within the pelvic region, causing painful menstruation as the blood released on the uterine tissues is trapped in these organs. Although endometriosis might have no cure, you could adopt some coping mechanisms that work for you at the end of the day. It could be better to understand that endometriosis affects each individual differently, and thus it could help if you developed personalized coping mechanisms. Even when using therapies to deal with your condition, it could help to seek expert advice in endometriosis in Boynton Beach near you who would guide you on the best coping mechanism that could work for your condition.

You Could Use a Heat Pad

A heating pad could help elevate the endometriosis-related pain. An electric heat pad could be appropriate as you could plug it into any power source and relieve the pain. The heat helps loosen the muscles in the areas that are cramping when dealing with endometriosis. A rice sock could also deliver the same effect. You could put uncooked rice in a sock and microwave it before using it as a heating pad on the aching muscles. Moreover, taking a warm bath could also relieve chronic endometriosis-related pain.

Watch What You Eat

A healthy diet could protect you against endometriosis as food is linked to body processes like inflammation, metabolism, and estrogen activity. Pollutants such as pesticides and insecticides could increase the risks for endometriosis. You could eat more fruits and vegetables, which promote good health and reduce the risk of developing endometriosis.


If you already have endometriosis, exercises could help ease the pain related to endometriosis. People fear exercising when they are in pain, but this should not be the case as exercise helps decrease pain and discomfort associated with endometriosis. The exercises could encourage blood circulation to the organism if you have endometriosis and maintain nutrients and oxygen flow to the body systems. Additionally, exercises could decrease estrogen production associated with endometriosis development and reduce stress, which could elevate the symptoms associated with endometriosis. Exercises could relieve the pain associated with the condition by producing endorphins, which are the feel-good chemicals that could improve your moods.

Incorporate Alternative Therapies

  • Although there is not enough research on therapies that treat endometriosis, you could try alternative therapies that elevate pain.
  • You could try an osteopathic manipulative treatment that involves stretching, gentle pressure, and resistance to moving the muscles and joints.
  • Acupuncture, which is believed to alter the pain pathways, could relieve pain related to endometriosis. Acupuncture could also promote anti-inflammatory effects and deactivate the brain parts making you feel pain, thus reducing pain. Although acupuncture’s effectiveness as a pain relief therapy has not been proven clinically, some women who use the therapy say that it reduces pain.
  • Herbal medicine, which is associated with ancient societies like the Ancient Chinese culture and the Middle East, could reduce pain. Although some ingredients in the herbal medicine are yet to be approved clinically, they could work on endometriosis-related pain


Endometriosis causes pain during menstruation as the uterine walls grow in the pelvic organs, and the blood released during menstruation gets trapped in the organs leading to health complications. Since there is no proven cure for endometriosis, you could try alternative treatment options and therapies to cope with the condition.

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