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Four Pets For The Apartment

Four Pets For The Apartment 1

While there are a lot of pets that are ideal for houses, there are not that many pets which you can keep in an apartment, especially if it’s a smaller apartment. Many pets need a lot of space to get exercise, however, in order to not limit this article to pets like fish and other animals that live in cages, we will consider that you are capable of taking the other listed pets for a daily walk.


One of the best pets to have in an apartment of any size are definitely cats. While these animals do require a decent amount of exercise, it is not something that cats themselves consider a necessity if they do not have to go hunting or fight for territory, which is pretty much the case when they live in an apartment.

However, just because they live in an apartment, that does not mean they are safe from various diseases. You should always check your cat at a licensed North Ryde vet like Gordon Vet Hospital, or a vet that lives in your area in order to make sure that your cat is healthy.

Cats are very playful animals that you can keep in an apartment


While bigger dogs tend to require quite a lot of exercise, and some smaller dogs of certain breeds require even more exercise, there are certain breeds that are perfect for apartments. One of such breeds that will definitely come to your mind is the pug breed. Pugs can be shaped to match the owner’s personality, and if you train them to be lazy and not require plenty of exercise, that’s how they will be.


Probably not the best pet for many, but reptiles are easy to take care of, and all the space they need is a terrarium where you will supply them with all of the materials, they need to survive such as water and food. These guys are quite entertaining to watch, and some are fun to handle and give floor time to as well, very good pets for the apartment.

Guinea pigs

While all rodents are quite fun and great for apartments, guinea pigs are definitely one of the better ones for the apartment, as their lifespan tends to be quite long. These little furry creatures are definitely going to lighten up your day with their cute squeaky sounds and their cute purring sounds while they are showing affection while you pet them.

One thing to look out for with these puff balls is that they are quite sensitive to certain things, so checking them at Roseville veterinary clinic like Gordon Vet Hospital or your local vet every now and then is probably a good idea, as they can hide their illness or bad condition for quite a while since they always want to look though in front of everyone as they are still pray-animals in nature.

Pugs can grow up to be quite lazy and fun at the same time

Final Word

There are plenty of other pets that are great candidates for apartments, and depending on the size of your apartment, and the free time that you have to provide them with attention and exercise, the possible pool of animals that you can keep is going to change. Asking your local vet for advice is always the best idea, since they deal with a lot of animals every day, and they know what pet would suite you the best.

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