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Kick Stress Today For A Healthy Heart

Kick Stress Today For A Healthy Heart

You live in an ever-expanding world where a population boom has made it difficult for you to make ends meet and provide for your family. It drives you to put in extra hours so that you can live a life that has all the amenities and creature comforts one needs to survive.

Evidence from several medical and psychological studies has shown that excessive stress and related negative psychological factors if left unchecked can deteriorate your cardiac health. Factors other than stress such as anger, hostility, depression, uncontrolled anxiety and isolation from social activities can increase your chances of coming down with a heart attack even at a young age.

For more details on how your lifestyle and emotional state can affect your health in a negative way, it is best to seek professional advice from sources such as for best results.

With that being said, it is necessary for you to understand the different forms of stress that can increase your chances of coming down with cardiovascular issues. The scientific community from around the world have categorised the different forms of stress. Let’s take a look at each of them in the following sections:

Work-related stress

 People whose job roles are extremely stressful has more than forty per cent chance of coming down with cardiovascular disease.

Stress related to one’s financial situation

 If you take the example of the stock market crash, as per the reports put forth by the AJC (American Journal of Cardiology) back in 2010, the rate of heart attacks rose by many folds all over the globe. The situation worsened during the months of September of 2008 to March of 2009 when the stock market was in its worst days.

Stress one feels after surviving a disaster

The 9/11 attacks were one of the worst terrorist activities ever documented in world history. Soon after the work event in human history took place, people from around the world began showing signs of increased blood pressure and related cardiovascular symptoms. All of these, when compared to the less severe data gathered from mass surveys conducted on the world population, concluded that disasters are stressful events.

A few ways you can kick stress today for a healthy heart

Be sure that you complete your sleep cycle

You need at least 8 hours of sleep to reset your mind and body for the next day.

Reguler exercise is a must

 In order to improve blood circulation and keep your arteries from getting clogged, you need to include regular exercise in your daily schedule.

It is best to learn ways to calm your mind

 Deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, PMR (Progressive Muscle relaxation) are some of the most effective methods you need to master to calm your mind.

Time management is your shortcut to kicking stress

 It is the only way you can make time for your family and for yourself as well. If you keep yourself occupied with work 24/7, it will leave with nothing but stress.

Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination is your minds dirty trick on you to steer clear of stressful situations. Although occasional procrastination is healthy, making a habit out of it will leave you often in sticky situations.

Summing it up with some tried and tested tips you can reduce excessive physical and psychological stress. Go for a full body massage at least once a week. While eating, be sure to savour each bite you take and chew your food properly. Take brisk walks while at work and treat yourself to short but frequent breaks so that the blood in your body circulates properly. Follow the information provided in this blog religiously for best results.

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