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Do you experience severe pain that is adamant to conservative treatment options? Perhaps it is time to turn things up a notch and try a different treatment. Republic Spine and Pain is your solution for Austin radiofrequency ablation. The certified team consists of pain management physicians who specialize in radiofrequency ablation as a treatment option to relieve pain.

What is Radiofrequency Ablation?

Radiofrequency ablation is a minimally invasive treatment option used to manage pain. During the treatment, radiofrequency energy heats the nerves and alters the pain signal to offer you relief.

Am I Eligible for Radiofrequency Ablation?

At Republic Spine and Pain, your service provider determines whether radiofrequency ablation is ideal for you during a consultation. He considers the relentlessness and location of your pain alongside other pain management methods you have tried before.

Typically, radiofrequency ablation is opted for to alleviate facet-related back and neck pain. Facet joints link the vertebrae that form the spine. Their role is supplying sensory information to the brain.

How to Prepare for Radiofrequency Ablation

Your dedicated physician at Republic Spine and Pain educates you on the preparations you will need before the procedure. To prevent excessive bleeding during the treatment, you may be advised to avoid anti-inflammatory medications several days preceding the operation. Also, it would be wise to come with a driver who will ensure you reach home safely after treatment.

What Takes Place During Radiofrequency Ablation?

Radiofrequency ablation is an outpatient procedure. Although it is a quick procedure, you ought to be at the office for some hours for pre-care and post-care. With X-ray guidance, your doctor injects two thin needles into your facet joint. Radio waves are delivered through the needles after administering a numbing medication. After treatment, your doctor removes the needles, then directs you to a recovery area for evaluation. He then gives you relevant pain medications to carry with you when you go home.

What Results Should I Expect After Radiofrequency Ablation?

In most cases, you may experience a minimal increase in pain a few weeks after the treatment. Nonetheless, you will witness pain relief for several months succeeding in your radiofrequency ablation procedure. Physical therapy is then recommended to fortify your back or neck and prevent recurring pain. However, as your nerves grow anew, you may require to repeat radiofrequency ablation.

Available Services

Apart from radiofrequency ablation, Republic Spine and Pain offer their patients a wide range of other services such as;

  •   Low Back Painback pains have been on the rise among the populace. This condition may be fatal if not contained appropriately. Republic Spine and Pain provides professional solutions to your back pain.
  •   Cancer pain specialistyou- You do not have to suffer the pain associated with cancer. Republic Spine and Pain offer top-notch customized multidisciplinary treatment options to suppress cancer pain, making your condition more bearable.
  •   Migraines Specialistthe qualified panel at Republic Spine and pain is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of migraines to enable you to resume your daily activities.
  •   Arthritisif you experience arthritis and other forms of joint pains, you should seek medical assistance promptly. Your physician at Republic Spine and Pain offers complete diagnosis and treatment for this condition.

Do not let severe pain get in the way of living your best life. Call or book an appointment with Republic Spine and Pain today for a customized pain relief treatment experience.

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