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4 Self Help Tips for Dealing with OCD

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can limit you when you keep having recurring thoughts that you can’t control. However, OCD is a disorder that is easy to manage with proper therapy and treatment. If you have OCD in New York, seeking the right help will be a stepping stone towards your recovery. Here are some tips to help you manage the condition.

Medical Approach

Talk to your therapist who can help you through your condition. Your therapist can use several techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, and also neurofeedback training. Always reach out for support whenever you have harmful thoughts and obsessions. Be patient with yourself, and it takes time. OCD treatment is a gradual process. Sometimes you might feel in total control of your situation while sometimes you might feel helpless about it. Always remind yourself that you can overcome the condition.

Take Charge of Your Environment

Identify the triggers that bring you obsessions and compulsions. The triggers could either be thoughts or situations around your life. Monitor your reactions to the triggers in your life. Keep a record of how intensive your fear was.

Accepting the Thoughts

Learn to resist your OCD compulsions and obsessions. You can do this by occasionally exposing yourself to your triggers. Write down your fear ‘ladder’ of all triggers. Gradually work your way up the ladder, starting with the lowest fears and move up to the highest fears. Focus on your anxiety feelings as you resist each compulsion or obsession. You will realize that with time, you can be in control of your anxiety, and it gets better and easier with more practice. Challenge your obsessive thoughts. Remind yourself that even with negative thoughts, it doesn’t make the thoughts true. Find out how other people suffering from the same condition are managing it. Knowing your condition will help you deal with the symptoms you could be experiencing.

Coping with Stress

Learn healthy ways of dealing with your stress. Another useful way of coping with OCD is to incorporate techniques of dealing with worry in your life. This strategy helps you analyze the probability of whatever you’re worried about and its chance of happening and setting up your mind for the worst-case scenario. Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, mindfulness meditation, and also progressive muscle relaxation, which can help you whenever you have a trigger. Establish a healthy and functional exercise routine that you can stick to faithfully. The exercises can include aerobics, swimming, and also running. Explore alternative types of therapy like herbal remedy therapy.

OCD is a mental health problem like any other and, sadly, chronic. However, it is manageable with being in control of the two main elements that trigger OCD, which are feelings of doubt and guilt. You can rest easily performing a compulsive thought, but it is not possible to avoid the thought in the first place. With proper therapy and medication, you can keep the condition in check. Remember, the power to get better lies within you. While you can manage the condition, it is also essential to involve your therapist to avoid having a relapse.

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