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Everything you must know about Maculopathy and Elmiron


Elmiron is basically a Janssen Pharmaceuticals’ brand name for a medication i.e. pentosan polysulfate sodium or sometimes called PPM. This drug is actually used for the treatment of IC which is specifically named as interstitial cystitis, commonly known as painful bladder syndrome.

This syndrome is often observed in women having severe pain in the bladder and frequent urination. For decades, Elmiron has been helping to treat thousands of patients.Elmiron mainly coats the bladder in order to ease the severe pain and the other symptoms.

However, Elmiron has actually made a lot of patients suffer from severe, or sometimes permanent vision loss after the consumption of Elmiron for a long time period.

Elmiron leading to Maculopathy

Elmiron leads to a pathological condition which occurs when the macula gets affected, which can be termed as Maculopathy. The macula is the part of the retina which has a huge impact on visual acuity and sensitivity of the human eye.

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Kinds of Maculopathy a human can suffer from:

  1. Age-related Maculopathy: A very common gradual vision loss or a degenerative condition that occurs with time is referred to as age-related maculopathy.
  2. Cellophane macular degeneration: The condition that occurs when an ultra-thin scar tissue’s layer leads to a degenerative which is commonly known as macular pucker. This transparent layer causes visual distortion by pulling on the light-receptive nerve cells of the central portion of the retina, called macula.
  3. MalattiaLeventinese: This is an inherited form of macular degeneration that can get initiated with small/tiny spots on the macula. These pale spots eventually lead to a unique pattern like honeycomb causing a congenital form of maculopathy which can be particularly called DHRD or Doyne Honeycomb Retinal Dystrophy.

Form of Maculopathy relevant to Elmiron:

The maculopathy that has been linked to Elmiron doesn’t have any identified cause yet. The symptoms that are observed in patients vary from one patient to another and are not specific. Moreover, this particular form of macular degeneration has been called out to be pigmentary maculopathy of unknown etiology.

Well, most of the times, patients suffering from macular degeneration due to the long exposure to Elmiron show the following symptoms:

  1. Parafoveal pigmented deposits: This can be observed due to abnormality occurred at blood vessels and capillaries near the macula, which leads to an un-expected vision loss.
  2. Retinal pigment epithelium atrophy: It is a very common symptom that is often seen in patients suffering from deformities linked to age.
  3. Vitelliform deposits: This kind of symptom is seen when round yellowish lesions are observed underneath the macula resulting in a specific type of macular dystrophy known as pattern macular dystrophy.

Well, besides these symptoms, the patient can also form some dark spots under the retina because of Elmiron. And in such cases, the victim should contact a suitable lawyer for getting the fair settlements in return for all the losses.

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