All You Need to Know About Botox

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Botox has many cosmetic benefits as it helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Specialists at Genesis Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine offer Westfield Botox services with a difference to help make your skin glow. Below is all you need to know about this cosmetic procedure.

Botox 101

Botox is one of the most popular names in aesthetic medicine. It is a protein made from Botulinum toxin, which is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This bacterium is found in numerous natural settings, for example, forests, soil, and the intestinal tracts of mammals and fish.

Botox is an FDA-approved cosmetic procedure used to treat various health issues including migraines, eyelid spasms, excessive sweating, and bladder disorders.

How Botox works

Botox injection is a type of neurotoxin that targets the nervous system. It temporarily disrupts your muscles from receiving the nerve signals that stimulate muscle contraction by preventing acetylcholine release. This leads to temporary muscle paralysis. Although Botox injections freeze the muscles that contribute to the formation of wrinkles, they don’t freeze your whole face. This means that you will be able to continue expressing yourself freely by smiling, frowning, and raising your eyebrows.

Aesthetic treatments you can get in addition to Botox

At Genesis Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine, you will be provided with several other aesthetic treatment options that are used in addition to Botox to give you the best look and help you appreciate your appearance. Depending on your desired results, they might recommend:

Juvéderm® is an injectable dermal filler that tackles facial volume loss. It helps to plump your cheeks and lips and smoothen small existing wrinkles and lines.

 Chemical peels are a facial treatment technique aimed at removing the surface layer of your skin. It helps get rid of blemishes that you see in the mirror, leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking radiant.

 PRP Microneedling is a skin treatment procedure that uses small microscopic injuries to induce your skin’s natural healing response. This procedure strives to promote smoother skin with fewer fine lines. The procedure is done in combination with PRP facial, which uses platelet-rich plasma applied to your skin to speed up the healing process.

 Dermaplaning involves shaving away dead skin cells and fine peach fuzz hairs from your skin’s surface by using a fine blade.

Health care providers usually use Botox by mixing the powder with salty water before injecting it directly into neuromuscular tissue. It takes about 24-72 hours for the toxin to take effect and as long as 5 days for results to be noticed. It is important to remember that Botox results wear off after some time and may last about 3-12 months depending on the treatment. Later the wrinkles will inevitably return. If you enjoyed the youthful, natural appearance you got from the procedure, your health care provider will recommend that you get more injections.

To boost your self-confidence, enhance your appearance with Botox and other aesthetic procedures. Call Genesis Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine today to explore your options.


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