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Louis B. Conte, DDS, is at the forefront of New Jersey dentistry. At his practice, Conte Dentistry in Red Bank, he leads a talented team of providers, willing and able to attend to all your dental concerns and improve your overall mouth health. Contact the specialist for feasible prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral complications.

About Practice

Louis Conte, DDS, is a passionate dentist whose specialties include implant, cosmetic, and general dentistry. In a calm setting, the doctor thrives in providing personalized care to the New Jersey community at Conte Dentistry.

Dr. Conte achieved his Bachelor of Science degree at Monmouth University in New Jersey and attended Rutgers University for his Doctor of Dental Medicine back in 1987. To be competitive in his field, Dr. Conte completes about a hundred hours of education annually.

He is a member of various elite organizations, including the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

Being a dentist, Dr. Conte is zealous about restoring your smile and confidence. For over three decades, he has been offering superior dental solutions in the Red Bank area. Together with his wife of thirty years, they have been blessed with five adult sons. In his leisure time, Dr. Conte relishes swimming and building models.

Available Services

Dr. Conte and his proficient team offer a full range of solutions. Contact the offices to receive top-quality services such as:

  • Periodontal Services Specialist- Gum disease is a common problem affecting nearly half the adult population. Gum disease may lead to severe dental concerns, including tooth loss if left untreated. Conte Dentistry in Red Bank offers quality diagnosis and treatment for gum disease using numerous periodontal services.
  • General Dentistry Specialist-Proper oral hygiene is essential to maintaining oral health and prevention of diseases. Your specialists at Conte Dentistry offer a full range of general dentistry solutions to diagnose, prevent, and treat oral health conditions.
  • Emergency Dentistry Specialist-Be it knocked out teeth, a severe mouth wound, or cracked tooth, it would be best to seek immediate intervention from an emergency dentist. Louis Conte has a team in place ready to respond to your family’s dental emergencies around the clock.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist-A beautiful smile increases your beauty. However, mouth health is essential for good smiles. Louis Conte, DDS of Conte Dentistry, provides numerous cosmetic services, including veneers and teeth whitening, to better your smile.
  • Invisalign Specialist-You do not have to wait long to achieve excellent straight teeth. If you seek to straighten crooked teeth, contact Conte Dentistry for Invisalign® clear aligners to get the straight teeth you desire.
  • Preventive Dentistry Specialist-Preventive care ensures you protect your smile from decay and damage. Your dedicated specialists at Conte Dentistry have vast skill in conducting several preventive dentistry services to protect your teeth and gum’s health.
  • Dental Implants Specialist- Even with missing teeth, you may yet restore your smile’s natural feel and appearance. Louis Conte and staff use dental implants as an adequate replacement for missing teeth.

For all your dental concerns and your family’s at large, you deserve an adept, compassionate provider for a worthwhile experience. Contact Conte Dentistry to benefit from the practice’s innovative procedures. Call, or book an online appointment today.


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