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Guide in Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

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A smile is a pleasant way of expressing how you feel, especially around others. A perfect smile gives you a confidence boost. If you have dental problems that can limit you from smiling as freely as you want, Dr. Archer M. Katz is a qualified cosmetic dentist who can help you reclaim your teeth’s glory.

When you embark on the journey to pursue cosmetic dentistry, there are several factors that you should hold at the back of your mind. Below is a guide on the process to achieve the best results:

1.      Know What You Want

You may have several cosmetic dental problems that will warrant evaluation. For instance, you may have broken teeth, missing teeth, stained teeth, or tooth decay. Your cosmetic dentist should understand the outcome you hope to achieve after the procedure. Additionally, your dentists should help you with the best treatment options to suit your needs so that you can decide on the best treatment plan.

It would be best to freely express any questions and concerns you have to your dentist for proper understanding. Moreover, your cosmetic dentist should also be forthright on what they can offer and how long your treatment will take before achieving desirable results.

2.      Relevant Training

Your specialist needs to have the necessary training in cosmetic dentistry. A general dental practice requires medical training, which further intensifies when one specializes in cosmetic dental treatment.

For instance, you can check out their certification under the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). It assures you that they have the knowledge and will abide by the rules and regulations that govern cosmetic dentistry practices.

3.      Top Technological Techniques

Technology is fast advancing to pave the way for better methods in the dental field. With modern technology, your dentist has an upper hand in delivering the best treatment plan in the most effective ways. You will also have minimal downtime and a fast recovery process.

They should also use high-quality dental materials when rectifying dental problems. It assures you of longevity while still having full mouth functionality.

4.      The Results

A qualified cosmetic dentist will have no problem using genuine photos portraying their patient’s dental problems and the outcome after undergoing treatment. Be keen to notice any before and after pictures that could be unreal or from another practice. Therefore, you can quickly gauge what to expect and draw referrals from previous patients.

Ask around about other patients’ experiences with the dentist. It mirrors the kind of treatment you will receive. Even after reclaiming one’s freedom to show off their beautiful smile, mouth functions are also essential. The ability to speak, chew, and bite food is as good as portraying your new set of teeth.

Most importantly, your dentist should portray empathy to your dental situation and help manage the condition. With an approachable demeanor, you can easily voice your problems and help avoid further dental damage. Furthermore, choosing one who is close to your school, home, or workplace will save you the hassle of traveling too far in the eventuality of an emergency that needs cosmetic dentistry expertise. 



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