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5 Steps to Finding the Best Prescription Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses

The times when glasses were made just to make your vision better are gone. Now, glasses are more than just a tool for making our life better.

Now, we can use high-tech gadgets to make life even more interesting. The glasses are not prescribed just for seeing. There are prescription smart glasses that people get for more than just battling vision impairment. If you want to know how to best find the ultimate pair, then follow this list below!

1. Find a nearby store

If you’re living in urban areas, there’s no logic going elsewhere to look for a good glasses store. For example, if you’re living in Long Island, there’s no logic to go to New Jersey, right?

Open the internet and look-up for some stores on the map. See which one is the closest and make sure you can reach it with ease. What’s more important, see if they sell smart glasses? Not every place offers this kind of technology, so make sure the close ones will not be just a waste of time.

2. Check with your optometrist

Before you go there, you need to check with your optometrist about what kind you need and what size of diopter is the best. You can’t just go shopping without knowing what needs to be bought.

That’s why the first step towards actually getting some eyewear is checking out with the professionals who take care of our eyes. If they tell you that you don’t need any diopter, then you can just smart glasses without vision correction. There’s no need in ruining your health over something that looks cool and you want to be a part of it.

3. Find the best frames

If you’re wearing something on your face, then you need to make it look good. There’s no need to put something that will look like it was the only pair out there. Instead, you should pick the ones that will look best on you. See some rules about frames here.

Choose the color, the shape, and the material. Different shapes of faces go better with one kind and other shapes are better with something else. For example, the round face shape will go better with a certain style but will ridiculous with another. That’s why you must choose what is best for you.

4. Choose the brand

5 Steps to Finding the Best Prescription Smart Glasses 1

More companies now produce smart glasses. Even though they were invented a long time ago, their popularity grew significantly only after Google announced its model in 2013. After that, companies recognized the potential of the business and started doing it by themselves.

Now, depending on the technology used, the brand, and features that might be more or less better for the user, one should pick the best choice for them. It’s not too hard to find the best option as there are not thousands of options, but just a few that are competing against each other. See more about them here:

5. Read some reviews

Before making a choice, it’s best to read some online reviews about what people think about this. Those who already used these products will share their experience on the internet for others to see. You’re the one that is going to find the information and read about certain products.

See what people think about using different brands. See what their flaws and their pros are. You’ll find out that they all have some good and some bad sides. Make a comparison and think about what is the most important issue and feature to you. See which ones own those and make a decision about what is best for you.


With the things listed above, it’s velar that you need to pay attention to a few things that are going to ease your process into finding the best smart glasses. If you follow those rules, or better said, suggestions, you can be sure that you’ll have no problem in getting the ultimately perfect option.

Pick those that the ophthalmologist suggests and gives you a prescription for, choose some excellent frames, and make sure the company selling them is known and proven to do some great stuff for their clients.

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