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Signs That You Have Low Testosterone Levels


You probably know that testosterone is a vital hormone for maintaining proper health. It is the hormone, which affects man’s sexual development and appearance. 

At the same time, it stimulates sex drive as well as sperm production, while it is crucial for bone and muscle mass, among other things.

Generally, it tends to decrease as we age, and according to the American Urological Association (AUA), at least two out of ten men than are older than sixty years have issues associated with low testosterone. 

Check here to reach the AUA’s official website for more information on this particular topic. You will experience numerous symptoms that will tell you that you have low T levels. 

Generally, as soon as the levels fall below three hundred Nano-grams per deciliter, it means that the levels are lower than they should be. 

At the same time, you will experience numerous symptoms that come with the drop, which is something that you can quickly notice and determine based on the quality of your life. 

We decided to present to you the common signs that happen with low levels of testosterone.

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Low T Symptoms You Should Remember


  • Low Sex Drive – It is essential to understand that testosterone levels are the leading indicator that will affect your sex drive. Of course, the typical situation is that as we age, we experience the decline in sex drive. However, it is a gradual feeling, which means that if you experience a drastic drop in desire to have sex, you should check the T levels to determine the current situation. 
  • Erection Difficulties – Since the T levels are the central stimulation of sex drive, they are also useful for helping you maintain and achieve the reaction along the way. Of course, it is not the leading cause that leads to erection, but it tends to stimulate brain receptors to produce nitric oxide. This particular molecule triggers the vast array of chemical reactions so that you can achieve the firm erection. However, if you have low T levels, you will have fewer abilities to make a spontaneous erection. Of course, other issues can also lead to erectile problems, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, diabetes, stress, depression, alcohol, and tobacco abuse, and other issues that could reduce the amount of testosterone within your body.
  • Low Semen Volume –Another important consideration is that testosterone levels are playing a vital role in semen production. If you notice the decrease in the volume of semen during ejaculation, you should visit your general physician to determine the reasons. Visit this link: to understand the importance of testosterone for male fertility.
  • Hair Loss – Remember that T levels are also crucial for other body functions such as hair production. Therefore, if you experience balding, that could happen due to genetic predisposition. However, if you do not have anyone in your family who had this particular problem, it means that you may experience low testosterone levels that affect your facial and body hair as well.
  • Fatigue – Men that experience low testosterone levels have stated that they have decreased energy levels as well as fatigue. Even if you are getting enough sleep, if you feel tired all the time, which will affect your motivation levels, it means that you should find ways to treat this particular problem.
  • Loss of Muscle Mass and Increased Body Fat – Since T levels are vital for building muscles, you may experience a reduction in muscle mass when compared with previous times. Generally, this particular problem will affect your muscle mass, and that will lead to severe strength issues as well as other connected problems that you may experience. The common problem includes the increase in body fat, especially since you can develop enlarged breast tissue of gynecomastia. This particular effect happens due to an imbalance between estrogen and testosterone within men. That is why you should consider getting men’s supplement for testosterone so that you can prevent this particular problem.
  • Reduced Bone Mass – Another problem that may occur is the thinning of bone mass, which is a common issue that happens in women after they experience menopause. However, men can also experience bone mass loss, because T levels will help, you strengthen and produce bone, among other things. That is the main reason why older men have lower bone volume, which may lead to fractures and other issues as well.

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