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Meet Electronic Cigarettes Mods Systems – A New Way to Vaporize


The arrival of Mods Systems electronic cigarettes has gradually taken complete dominance of Pods. They are portable, simple, satisfying and have the great space in market. Meet the Mods Systems Electronic Cigarettes in this article.

What is Mod System?

As its name shows, the Mod System is an electronic cigarette that includes a “Mod” or a capsule (something small that carries something) as compared to an atomizer. They do the similar job: they take the liquid and turns into smoke to release steam through the nozzle. They usually have a minor space than many tanks, from 1 to 2 ml, though some devices are larger. Mods are positioned at the top and are removed when you empty them or like to switch liquid flavors.

All the other parts of this device are same to any electronic cigarette. Batteries are relatively small compared to Mods, typically with capacity of about 300 mAh, but may be larger than that in some devices. An example of a latest Mod is Vsticking vk530.

It provides a faster response, smoother operations, great vaping experience, a lot of choices. It includes YiHi SX530 chip and a temperature control system (SXi-Q), you can enjoy a smarter and more special vaping. It has 2 additional 18650 mAh batteries. There are many available models at

The “capacity” of a battery mostly indicates how much time it will last with one full charge. This means that Mods have small battery life than most pen style electronic cigarettes (that maybe about 700 mAh) but over mini refillable electronic cigarettes (that maybe about 200 mAh).

There’s some difference between some Mod models. The Pax JUUL is actually the archetypal system Mods having an appearance like rectangular, similar to USB, but other models such as the Aspire Gusto, look like small pod box, and others, like Suorin Drop, looks more like a rock. In most models, they’ve automatic operation, so you only breathe in from the end to the electronic cigarette just as you would smoke a cigarette, but some models have manual buttons same as in Pods electronic cigarettes.

Open vs Closed Mods

Mods that name devices can be either “open” or “closed”. A “closed” Mod is already charged with liquid and is not rechargeable. They have the advantage of being simpler to enjoy and the disadvantage is that they have a very limited variety.

An “open” Mod is rechargeable, similar to a regular tank, thus, you can take in the liquid you want. This has more flexibility, but it’s important to note that they still can’t handle high-level VG e-liquids well.

Should you take nicotine liquids in a Mod system?

They have unique designs and e-liquid with high-strength. Some e-liquids have included also nicotine salt rather than the usual salts.

So in what way you can take so much high level of nicotine? Doesn’t that make it a device really difficult to vaporize?

The answer depends on the level of nicotine salt included and what they combine to compose an e-liquid. The saline is a shape of nicotine as it’s found in tobacco leaves, but our body only accepts nicotine from the free base. However, free base nicotine also decreases the pH of liquid that in the end cause the throat impact. So, e-liquids with higher nicotine content tend to cause a brighter throat impact.

By including the acidic substance in the liquid, nicotine liquids and salt can increase the pH of the liquid and can change the nicotine into a free base when you vaporize. Simply put with nicotine e-liquid you get high nicotine without being too hard to vaporize. Because Mods system produces less steam and are usually less aggressive than Pods, nicotine salt and Mods are well suitable.

Advantages of Mod System

What are the advantages of Mod System over traditional device types?

Compact – Capsule system is much more solid than other modern devices. It makes them a good choice if you want to go out. There’s some difference in the sizes of capsule systems, but also the largest are more suitable than many Pods in the market.

Easy to use – The Mod design makes the electronic cigarette really simple to use. Mods simply enter and exit the drum section, and a lot of them are as a cigarette – all you need to do is breathe in to vaporize. The trickiest thing you’ll need to consider on some models is fill the Mod again, but that’s pretty easy too.

Affordable – The price of Mod electronic cigarettes overall are quite affordable. They are cheaper than Pods and in a lot of cases priced similar to pen style electronic cigarettes.

Satisfaction – Mod models are usually very satisfactory for vaporizing. This is mainly true when you are using high potency e-liquids or highy powerful nicotine salt option.

Discreet – Clouds are not for everyone and not for all situations. Sometimes you like something more careful to vaporize, and Mods are just right for such moments.

Disadvantages of Mod System

Mod systems are not suitable for everyone. According to what you’re in search of there are a small number of aspects about Mod models that may not suit your needs.

Small Batteries – Small battery makes this system compact, but there’s a disadvantage if you like some of its aspects you can use it for long-term. Some Mod models have larger capacity battery, but in many cases they’re very small.

Higher e-liquid nicotine level – Mod systems are best with high nicotine e-liquid and many vapers want to decrease nicotine content over time.

High VG E-Liquid does not work – Many available liquids these days have quite high amounts of VG, and they do not work mainly well with these system devices.

Not good for big smoke – If you like big clouds of steam, Mods are probably not for you. Steam production is better overall still, but there is a key difference among the Mod and the Pod models.

Closed systems has limited taste options – If you’re using a closed-Mod, you have to get the flavors offered by the manufacturer.

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