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Why you should opt for an epidural steroid injection

steroid injection

Does back pain cause you agony? Why don’t you try getting an epidural injection which eases the pain? You can ask for recommendations on Fredericksburg epidural steroid injection experts near you who can administer the injection and educate you on its benefits. An epidural injection is directed at the injured part to reduce pain, inflammation, and increase the range of joint motion. Read on the benefits of the injection in pain relief and its importance in physical therapy.

What Is An Epidural Injection?

Steroid injections are standard pain relief methods for pain in the lower back, legs, and neck and are considered an integral nonsurgical pain management technique. The epidural injection gets its name because the steroids are injected directly into the epidural space surrounding the spinal cord or nerve roots.  The injection is directed closely to the painful area helping the patient return to everyday activities and make progressive healing through physical therapy. Moreover, it improves mobility and controls pain, thus reducing inflammation.  

Potential Benefits of Epidural Injections

  •       Reduces Nerve Pain and Inflammation

The epidural injections have steroids which reduce the production of inflammatory chemicals and reduce nerve fibers’ sensitivity to pain. It makes your body generate fewer pain signals which adversely reduces chronic pain. It might be the best treatment when you want to achieve physical strength while waiting for surgery. The injection is placed directly on the painful area, and it numbs the pain immediately and should not be used frequently as it can cause degeneration of nerve fibers.

  •       It Limits Intake of Oral Medications

Although epidural injections can cause nerve degeneration, oral medications can also have long-term undesired side effects. The side effects could be worse if you have to take more than one oral medication. Moreover, people are likely to forget to get their medications on time which leads to drug resistance. An injection can resolve drug resistance as it results in long-term pain relief, unlike oral medications that should be taken frequently.

  •       Suitable for People Who Want To Engage In Physical Therapy

Engaging in physical therapy while under chronic pain can be challenging as the pain can limit joint motion. The injection gives patients pain relief allowing them to continue or re-engage in rehabilitative physical therapy. Although physical therapy alone cannot heal chronic pain, it can help train the muscles and increase blood circulation in the injured part, critical in healing.

  •       Helps Treat Pre and Post-Surgery Pain

You can choose to get an epidural injection that postpones surgery and could help eliminate the need for surgery if you choose to do physical therapy. Moreover, after getting a surgical procedure, you can choose to numb the pain with epidural injections that reduce pain receptors in the injured area.

The Bottom Line

Chronic back pain can prevent you from accomplishing everyday activities, but this should not be the case as you can numb the pain with an epidural steroid injection. An epidural injection is directed near the injured area on the epidural space surrounding the nerves. It is an integral part of physical therapy as it helps improve mobility, control pain, and allow patients to participate in comprehensive physical therapy.

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