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How a COVID-19 Antigen Test Can Help Protect Other People Around You

Antigen Test

COVID-19 can cause devastating symptoms and sometimes deadly results. Medical authorities advise that you test as soon as possible whenever you feel unwell and think you have the issue. Currently, many tests exist, and you can get your results in less than half an hour. Find your Ham Lake nasal swab-based tests to help you make an informed decision about your issue. A timely isolation decision can save the lives of those close to you.

How Does The Antigen Test Work?

Antigen tests look for some specific proteins unique to coronaviruses that cause COVID-19. The virus that causes COVID-19 resides in the nasal cavity, where your nurse or any other person will place a swab to collect the specimen. From there, you will wait for some time before you receive the results of your tests.

What Shows That You Have COVID-19 After A Test?

Since you lack a medical background, you will have to depend on GatherWell Rapid COVID Testing to provide you with the test results. A positive test, as you will find out from your doctor, means that you have COVID-19. This means that your samples have proteins unique to the coronavirus. After the test, you will have to isolate yourself to help others, especially those with compromised immune systems who are the most vulnerable in society. Your provider will also look at your profile and decide whether you should stay in the hospital until your issue disappears or you need to isolate. Antigen tests give the most accurate results. However, you can have other tests to confirm the same.

What If You Have A Negative Antigen Test?

Then you should be elated and continue following COVID-19 guidelines in your area. Negative tests generally imply that your samples did not have the proteins that cause COVID-19. However, in rare cases, negative tests might mean that the antigen test did not work as it should. In such a scenario, you have to collaborate with your doctor to have the best outcomes in your situation. The first step in doing this includes giving your doctor your medical history, current symptoms, and whereabouts in the previous few days. Your doctor will use this information to make an informed decision.

COVID-19 has a strange characteristic, if a test is done more than 7 days after the infection it might have significantly reduced accuracy. However, with a molecular essay test, you can get a more accurate picture of your issue.

How Do COVID-19 Antigen Tests Differ From Other Tests?

Molecular tests are other tests you might get apart from antigen tests, these tests look for genetic material unique to COVID-19. Genetic material offers a more accurate way of detecting the virus compared to antigen tests. Therefore, whenever you have doubts or your situation convinces you that you have COVID-19, you can go for molecular tests.

Protect others by finding out whether your sickness has an association with COVID-19. Tests can also help save your life, especially if you have an underlying medical problem. Make an appointment to find out your COVID-19 status by calling or booking your spot online.

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