Why You Need to Pay Attention to Moles on Your Skin


If a mole is on your face and affects your appearance, it is easy to pay attention to. However, it is crucial to pay attention to all moles in all parts of your skin as they can turn into melanoma, a severe type of skin cancer. However, not all moles are harmful but incase a cancerous one goes unnoticed, it can cause melanoma to spread rapidly on other parts of the body. Therefore, what you can do is be concerned about any mole you notice on your skin.

If you get concerned about any mole, you can seek expert help to evaluate them and give advice accordingly. Fort Worth moles specialists at Northstar Dermatology perform routine full-body skin exams and can help you manage your moles.

When to Get Concerned about Moles

As you pay attention to the moles on your skin, it is good to understand that not all moles are harmful. However, you can use the following features, primarily known as the ABCDEs of melanoma, to detect when your mole becomes of great concern.


A typical mole is usually symmetrical, and in case a mole appears otherwise; it is time to seek medical attention.

Border Irregular

The borders of a melanoma mole are uneven and have notched edges. If you notice such in your moles, please alert your provider.

Color Changes

Moles and noncancerous lesions remain uniform in color over time, but melanoma moles may change color or have different colors. Therefore, if the color changes in your moles, they require the attention of your medical provider.


Moles that grow larger than 6 mm in diameter need to be brought to the attention of your doctor. The best time to detect this is early on when they are small.


Typical moles should not change in size or shape or start to bleed, itch, or hurt. Any mole that does any of these things should be examined right away by a medical expert.

Risk Factors to Consider if you Have Moles

Several factors can increase the risk of your moles becoming cancerous. Therefore, paying attention to your moles is vital if you have the following risk factors.

A family history of melanoma increases the chances for your moles to become cancerous. Moreover, there are some types of moles that cause a genetic form of melanoma.

If you have many moles, they pose a risk of melanoma, and therefore you need to pay attention to them to notice any changes and seek medical attention.

If you were born with large moles, there are high chances that they can turn cancerous and therefore should be examined and evaluated regularly.

Removing a Mole

You should pay attention to your moles because the earlier a cancerous mole is detected, the more successful treatment. In case your provider detects a cancerous mole in time, it should be removed right away. This is done through the biopsy procedure, where a thin blade is used to shave away the mole. The tissue removed is examined in the laboratory to confirm that the threat is gone.

Paying attention is a great way to ensure that they remain harmless, and in case a suspicious mole is detected, it enables it to be removed on time. Therefore, if you have moles on your skin, please ensure you pay attention to them regularly and seek help from your medical provider to evaluate them further.

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