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When to See a Dentist For Wisdom Tooth Extraction


No one wants to have their tooth extracted since this significantly affects their smile. But when you notice some sensitivity in the back of your gums and believe your wisdom teeth are to blame, seeing help from a Pembroke Pines extractions specialist could be the best bet you have at saving oral health. By the time a dentist recommends that you get one or more of your wisdom teeth extracted, it means you have presented the following signs and symptoms:

Teeth sensitivity and pain in the back of the mouth

Healthy teeth should be strong enough to withstand hot or cold foods. But when they start to feel sensitive, it might be the right time to remove them. But this can only happen when the sensitivity is accompanied by pain at the back of your mouth. So, any time you sense some sharp pains or throbbing sensations when brushing or eating, see a dentist come up with the perfect medical plan for you.

Inflammation on the gums

The gums are the most affected when wisdom teeth begin to appear. If you notice your gums are swollen or appear reddish, see a dentist to find out if the wisdom teeth are the primary cause.

Damaged teeth

Damaged teeth can be fixed through filling, crown, or other treatments. But if the damage is beyond conventional repair options, your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction procedure.  This option’s primary goals are to prevent the damaged tooth from causing you more pain and spreading the bacteria to the rest of the teeth.

Loose teeth

Whether your tooth became loose as a result of an accident or violence, having it extracted can be the only way to relieve you from the pain. In other cases, loose teeth may be caused by periodontal disease. This condition occurs when an infection damages the gums and can damage the whole jawbone. The only way to correct this problem is through a surgical tooth extraction procedure.


Ever noticed why some people have bad breath despite brushing twice a day? Most people may not understand that halitosis can be caused by delicate gums surrounding a misaligned wisdom tooth. This may cause it to trap food and bacterial plaque that can lead to infection. Once the teeth get infected, sulfur compounds are released hence the bad breath or constant metallic taste in the mouth. If people around you are complaining that you have bad breath, then it would be best to see a dentist and identify the tooth that needs to be extracted.

See a dentist at 601 Dental Studio PA for teeth extractions

Wisdom teeth are dangerous to your oral health. They present opportunities for complicated infections to attack your oral health. If you notice any of the above signs, then you can qualify for a teeth extraction procedure. If you feel any pain or tooth sensitivity, consult your dentist at 601 Dental Studio PA to devise a way of extracting your wisdom teeth so that you can continue living a comfortable life.

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