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Why Choose Alternative Pain Therapy over Prescription Drugs


According to a report published in The Tampa Bay Times, more than 100 million US adults are plagued with chronic pain, which includes more than 5.5 million American citizens in the Sunshine State, Florida. Quite obviously, many people turn to prescription drugs for pain management. Opioids, which are most commonly used as pain-relieving medications, may work in some cases but are hazardous. In fact, prescription drug abuse is one of the greatest problems in the US. Since 2003, more opioids overdose related fatalities have been reported than cocaine and heroin combined. Chronic pain is enervating, and if it’s getting in the way of everything you do like mowing your lawn or performing normal domestic chores, look for a pain clinic in Tampa for alternative treatment. Why? Here are some of the most crucial reasons why you must seek pain therapy sans prescription medicine.

Prescription Drugs Pose Greater Dependency Risks

When prescription meds are used for pain relief, it poses another risk — the risk of prescription drug abuse. Besides the fact that opioids are not effective for the treatment of chronic pain, it puts people at greater risks of dependency and addiction. This is a vicious and never-ending circle where people not getting respite from pain switch to stronger and more harmful drugs. Patients who are more vulnerable to prescription med dependency include those with a prior drug abuse history. However, there are several alternative treatments to manage chronic pain for people living with the same as well as for at-risk patients.

Short-term and Long-term Side Effects

The short-term effects of opioids are breathing problems, nausea, drowsiness, unconsciousness, constipation, and even coma. If the dose is reduced or the medication stopped, patients will experience long-term withdrawal symptoms like bone and muscle pain, restlessness, diarrhea, cold flashes with goose bumps, sleeplessness and vomiting.

Analgesics Are Not a Permanent Solution

Opioids and similar pain relievers are recommended by doctors to treat short-term pain. It’s recommended for patients who had recent surgeries or those suffering from any terminal illness. Opioid-based medications are not suitable for pain management. They don’t offer a permanent solution to chronic pain. Although some doctors may be prescribing these analgesics, this is not the ideal treatment for effective pain management.

More Options with a Drug-free Treatment

When you switch to an alternative pain management treatment, you’ve plenty of options. Alternative medication begins with a careful and thorough patient examination. That’s because the best way to treat chronic pain is to identify the root cause of the problem. Specialists at pain management clinics study a patient’s complete medical history, do a detailed physical diagnosis, and then consult with the patients. They are asked how long they’ve been living with the condition and how it affects their daily life. Once the problems are identified, the doctors will get a clue that would help them to design a comprehensive pain management plan for the patients.

A drug-free treatment means an integrative approach to pain management. You’ll have several treatment options including chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, biofeedback, psychotherapy, nutrition advice, neuromuscular therapy, etc.

Florida has always attracted tourists from all over the world with its white sand beaches, abundant sunshine, golf destinations and exciting theme parks. Besides tourism, it’s also an emerging destination for alternative medicines. Battling pain and embracing a healthy lifestyle should be your top priority. This is the reason you should consider visiting one of the reputed pain management clinics in Tampa, which has trained specialists and experienced therapists to examine and treat chronic pain. Most of these clinics have state-of-the-art infrastructure and medical technology to fight pain and help patients get over it. It’s time to stay fit, happy, healthy, and pain-free without depending on prescription drugs with harmful side effects.

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