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How to Minimize Pregnancy Risks If You Have A Chronic Condition

Pregnancy Risks

As pregnancy can cause new kinds of stress to your mind and body, your state and how healthy you are when you get pregnant can greatly affect your condition all throughout your pregnancy. Maintaining a state of health that is favorable for you and your baby can be very detrimental in determining how good your pregnancy can go, not to mention how well you will be after you give birth. It is important to keep in mind that your baby’s wellbeing when he finally sees the world is dependent on how well you are and how good you take care of yourself while the baby is still in your womb.

Having a chronic or long-term condition means that you have to be extra cautious about your health and how well you feel from a day to day basis. You should be able to keep an eye on how your body reacts to certain situations and know if normal body functions are still taking place or if there is already something to be concerned about. If you do have a chronic disease, you should align it with your everyday decisions and planning. This may include going to your female Gynae regularly or keeping the doctor’s number on your phone, handy for an emergency call.

Special Management

Knowing that you have a chronic disease should keep you alert on changes that your body makes. Certain things such as elevated breathing rates, body temperatures suddenly rising, blood pressure suddenly dropping or anything like these should be closely monitored. And if they do happen regularly, make sure to consult with your doctor about them. They can let you know about the boundaries of what is normal for a pregnant woman and what is not.

If things reach the abnormal level, make sure to keep your panic level at a minimum as additional stress is not exactly ideal for a mother carrying a baby. Also, certain chronic diseases require special routine activities in order to help minimize the symptoms of such chronic disease. Make sure to still follow these routines because once you forget, you might be getting yourself into risks that should have been avoided by necessary actions.

Check with Your Doctor about Your Medications

If you have a chronic disease that requires daily medications, it is best that you consult with your doctor first about them. Ideally, once you are made aware that you are indeed pregnant, you should consult a doctor right away to be able to know about the do’s and don’ts of medication when it comes to pregnancy. During this consultation, do not forget to open up the discussion about you having a chronic condition and what the steps that should be taken are in relation to the pregnancy.

Through this vital step, the symptoms of the chronic disease can be minimized while still being able to take care of the baby in the healthiest way possible. Keeping in mind that some medications are not recommended for pregnant women, this step eliminates the possibility of your child having any long term complications once born. Not only that but you would be avoiding possibilities of a miscarriage or anything else that would endanger your child’s life.

Planning Things Out

If you do have plans of getting pregnant, it is always best that the symptoms of your chronic disease are put under control before you conceive. Also, seeking for various specialists’ help is always a good idea. They can assist you in your pregnancy while still being able to control your symptoms in order to ensure a healthy and smooth ride during pregnancy. Of course, you should inform them of all the things that are of concern regarding your condition. They must know every inch of what there is to know so that they may be able to help you plan things out in advance and make you ready for any situation that may rise from your condition while you are pregnant.

It Is Not Impossible

You having a chronic disease has no relevance on whether or not your pregnancy will be successful or not. With appropriate assistance from professionals, you can never go wrong. Just trust in your female Gynae, her advices and most of all, your instincts. Remember that it is not impossible.

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