Why a Wedding Hair Stylist is Essential for that Very Special Day

Why a Wedding Hair Stylist is Essential for that Very Special Day 1

For someone to be deemed a wedding hairstylist, they must be a professionally trained hair stylist with expert and specialised knowledge of how to correctly style a bride’s hair for that unique occasion of a wedding. The stylist will have to work mostly with the bride, but might be also asked to perform hair and beauty services for other ladies at the wedding. Hair styling for weddings normally takes longer and are a more painstaking process than your basic styling and may require a number of practice sessions.

Wedding stylists can work in a professional hairdressing salon, or their very own private business. These hairstylists are experts in wedding hair styling, but can professionally style hair for various other events. They can also provide:

Applicable Hair Styles and getting it just perfect

  • The technique of hair styling for a wedding normally begins with a consultation between the stylist and bride before the wedding.
  • The stylist asks the bride to bring a picture of the wedding dress and what she wishes to wear on her head, something such as a veil, headpiece or adornments.
  • The bride then tells the stylist how she would like her hair to be styled and ask for her professional advice.
  • The stylist will look at differing factors, such as the bride’s age, face shape, and hair texture to select which hair style will be the most flattering.
  • The stylist may ask about what time of day the wedding will be taking place to determine how formal the hairstyle should be.
  • After being informed of personalised advice, the bride can select different styles for the stylist to demonstrate.
  • A wedding hairstylist will usually carry out every hairstyle to see how the bride feels about its looks, then take a photo to ensure that it doesn’t look different in photographs.
  • When the hair style is complex or somewhat time consuming, the stylist will make a record of how long it takes to do, so there will lots of time for styling it perfect for the special day.

Ensuring That the Hair Looks Perfect All Day Long

On the wedding day, the stylist can travel to meet the bride at a location or the bride may go to the hairdresser’s salon. One of the biggest job duties for a wedding hairstylist is not only to style the bride’s hair on the big day, but to ensure it lasts throughout the whole special day. The stylist will have the special knowhow on different techniques of making the hairstyle look great throughout the day.

If a bride wishes to wear a veil or some other head piece, the stylist will assist in positioning it so that it won’t interfere with the hairstyle, and also tell the bride how to easily take it all down when desired after the event.

And that’s what being a wedding hairstylist is all about!

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