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5 Signs You Are Addicted To Smoking. How Can You Quit

5 Signs You Are Addicted To Smoking. How Can You Quit 1

Having the urge to smoke after a while of restraining from it can be very worrying. You know you are no longer in control and can’t seem to find a way to stop it before damaging your health even more.

Do you feel anxious when you haven’t smoked a cigarette in a while? Do you think you may be an addicted smoker? In the next section, we present you five signs you may be addicted to smoking cigarettes and what can you do about it.

1.- You cannot help but smoke in every social situation, even when it is not appropriate

Have you been in any situation when you were required to stay indoors for long periods of time, and you started craving a smoke? This is typical of addicted smokers. They cannot control themselves and have the need to go outside and have their smoke. Those so called “smoke breaks” are true signs of a smoker’s addiction.

2.- You start smoking first thing in the morning

What is the first thing you do after you wake up in the morning? Take a shower? Have breakfast? If your answer is none of the previous but the shocking: ‘smoking a cigarette,’ you are definitively addicted to smoking. The thing is, your body has restrained from nicotine for the time you’ve been sleeping, and of course, if you have a real dependence on it, the first thing you will urge for is smoking a cigarette. Smoke from cigarettes and tobacco products are known to trigger various types of cancer, such as lung, mouth, tongue and stomach cancer. It can also make your clothes reek horribly, and others can notice a person is a smoker by the yellowish color of their teeth and the way their breath smells. Smoke is the worst part of tobacco products.

3.-After a day without smoking, you crave a cigarette

You may not need a cigarette after a few hours, but your body has its memory system, and if you smoke, even if you consider a small amount, your body will start craving for a cigarette after a day. Even if you are new to cigarettes, you may have quickly developed an addiction. For example, if you happen to smoke more than two cigarettes a week, you are an addict. Even on those dosages your body still wants it.

Nicotine is a very addictive drug and can quickly become a problem. And the longer you have been smoking, the harder it will be for you to quit it. You need to restrain from cigarettes long enough for your body to have a chance to release all the nicotine accumulated, and that can be very hard to measure at first.

4.-After a few days without smoking a cigarette, you start to feel sick

You may have tried before. Quitting cigarettes is very difficult because smoking is a quick and accessible way of getting nicotine. Later on, after you refused to buy another package, you would start feeling angry and become irritable easily, you can’t seem to sleep properly, your sleep is interrupted frequently, you also dream a lot.

You may feel like you have the flu, also experience headaches from time to time.

5.- Failing to quit smoking

If you are determined to quit smoking, but your body is not permitting it, then you are facing withdrawal symptoms. You are gaining weight, you get stressed very easily, or you are having frequent headaches. These are all part of the withdrawal symptoms, and it shows how badly your body is addicted to smokes. They are the way your body warns you that it needs to get nicotine to function properly. At this point, sadly, the user is very deep into nicotine dependence, and the way out of it becomes very difficult.

Fortunately, there is a new product, Tobacco e-juice. A mixture of water, nicotine, Tobacco Flavor and a Save Solvent, such as Propylene-Glycol (widely used in the pharmacy and food industry for over a century). This product can help you vape your way out of the harmful effects of cigarettes and other tobacco products. It is also an option for those who want to stop consuming nicotine gradually. With an easy to measure dosage and nicely flavored, Tobacco e-juice makes the quitting of tobacco products not only easy but also a pleasurable experience.

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