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What You Need to Know About Periodontics


Healthy teeth and gums demand various routine practices. It would be best to have regular brushing, flossing, and periodic dentist visits to detect problems before they become severe. For expert Richmond periodontics, contact Brightwork Family Dentistry for professional diagnosis and treatment.

About Brightwork Family Dentistry

Dr. Benjamin J. Crowley, Diane Lachini, and their adept team of professionals welcomes you to Brightwork Family Dentistry for compassionate dental care. The practice hosts a panel of dedicated dental care providers. Together, they share a common goal of availing top-notch dental care to patients within Virginia.

If you seek expert dental services, you can place your fate in the hands of these skillful practitioners for exemplary services. Their wide range of services includes cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, specialized periodontal care, and many others.

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a gum disease that is preventable with good oral hygiene, regular brushing, flossing, and routine dentists’ examinations. Healthy gums are steady, fix tightly around teeth, and have a light pink appearance.

Gingivitis symbolizes periodontal disease in its early stages and results in red, swollen gums that may bleed when brushing or flossing your teeth. Poor oral hygiene is among the most common causes of gingivitis and leads to plaque formation around teeth. Luckily, Dr. Crowley has everything it takes to help you reverse gingivitis before graduating into the severe phase of periodontal disease. If you encounter symptoms of gingivitis, schedule an online appointment with Dr. Crowley today.

What is Periodontitis?

Reaching the periodontitis phase indicates your failure to take the necessary prevention steps. Periodontitis is a severe stage where the plaque invades your mouth area below the gums. Although there are many stages of periodontitis, your provider closely examines your mouth to identify the seriousness of your periodontal disease before formulating your practical treatment option.

Treatment Options for Periodontitis

The most hostile forms of periodontitis result in loss of teeth and bone. In some cases, it may lead to mouth lesions. In other instances, patients with advanced stages may need a tooth extraction and use dentures or implants.

Also, there are some non-surgical, early-stage periodontal treatments such as root planning and scaling. If you are eligible for scaling and root planning, you can keep periodontitis at bay and prevent the disease wholly by maintaining proper oral hygiene. Dr. Crowley exposes you to all the essential prevention measures upon consultation.

Available Services at Brightwork Family Dentistry

In addition to periodontitis, the specialists at Brightwork Family Dentistry further offer a full range of superior services such as;

  •       Cosmetic Dentistry
  •       Pediatric Dentistry
  •       Clear Correct
  •       Sedation Dentistry
  •       Crowns and Bridges
  •       Dental Implants
  •       Teeth Whitening
  •       Teeth Cleaning
  •       Emergency Dentistry


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In conclusion, proper oral health is a good prevention strategy against many dental conditions, including periodontitis. Call, or schedule an online appointment with Brightwork Family Dentistry to maintain good oral health. The practice welcomes new and existing clients and accepts most insurances.

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