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Replacement of Missing Teeth Using Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Missing teeth have been a major problem that has made people’s smiles fade away because it draws away your confidence to smile in a group. Dental implants have come to solve this problem since they can replace one or more missing teeth.The dental implants in Elgin are usually fixed by experts who have experience for more than twenty-five years, thus fixing the dental implant properly, identical to natural teeth’s roots.

Reasons for replacing missing teeth

Most people usually think that the replacement of missing teeth is only meant for aesthetics. However, it is not the only concern because there are other associated health concerns. When you have missing teeth, the remaining ones tend to shift their position, thus altering how you bite. The remaining teeth also experience some undue pressure.

Bone loss is another issue that may arise since every tooth is usually attached directly to the bone tissue, and when one bites substances, the bone tissue is stimulated, making it healthy and strong. Therefore, when the tooth is lost, the stimulation is also lost, resulting in your bone wearing away, a process known as resorption.

Missing teeth might also alter how you speak and eat, affecting how you interact with others. Additionally, the aesthetic ramifications can also be the drive to seek tooth replacement for many people.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants involve the use of metal posts to replace your natural tooth roots permanently. An artificial crown extends from your gum tissue after being installed on the post. Oral surgery is usually carried out to place the metal post into your bone tissue. The whole of the replacement process is usually mapped by using a computed tomographic dental cone beam.

Acquiring a dental implant requires a lot of patience because you have to make several office visits and require time to heal. The implant is usually placed during the first visit, followed by approximately four months to heal. The doctor advises you to return after the bone tissues have fused into the implant material so that the crown can be attached to the post.

The experts are offered all-on-4, a dental implant that involves four implants on the top jaw and four on the lower jaw. It is the best option for both men and women who want all their teeth replaced.

How to get prepared for a dental implant

When preparing for a dental implant, you are advised to give full details of your health history, including any supplements or medications you are taking. All post-operative instructions should be followed to the latter to reduce the risks of infection.

Those who smoke are encouraged to stop smoking in advance for the success of the procedure. Because smoking reduces your body’s ability to heal and may harm your gum tissue, it is important to quit smoking as the day of the surgery approaches because it also impairs circulation.

Finally, suppose you are interested in learning more about dental implants or want a dental implant visit or Brar dentistry. In that case, you can also book an appointment online or call the office today to inquire about more services offered in detail.

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