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What is 4 Implant Dental Treatment?

What is 4 Implant Dental Treatment? 1

All-on-4 is a complete and modern approach to placing a full arch of replacement teeth, permanently. Four dental implants stabilize the replacement teeth using available bone. The treatment avoids the need for bone grafting. Special supports allow a temporary set of dentures to be placed. A modified diet is prescribed to allow gum tissues to heal. The implants integrate with natural bone and six months later, the final bridge is placed.

This approach involves multiple appointments. There are one or two appointments just for consultation purposes. The placement of the implants with temporary teeth is a separate appointment and naturally, there are check-ups during the healing period. The final appointment is to place the final bridge. Yay!

Advantages of the treatment

  • Implants avoid anatomical structures
  • Longer implants are anchored in the better quality bone
  • Reduces posterior piling
  • Eliminates the need for bone grafts
  • High success rates
  • Good biomechanics implants
  • Well-spaced and easier to clean
  • Immediately functional and aesthetically pleasing
  • The final restoration is fixable or removable
  • Fewer implants and avoiding grafting reduces costs


  • Patients must be in good general health with acceptable oral hygiene
  • There must be sufficient bone for all four implants of at least
  • Implants must attain sufficient stability before the final piece can be placed


  • Implant placement is completely prosthetically driven
  • Freehand surgical placement of the implant is not always possible so it can be pricier
  • Length of the pole in the prosthesis cannot be extended
  • It is very technique sensitive and requires extensive pre-surgical preparation

The decision

Various studies done on the concept and practice of the healing process has gained recognition for the process. It is now more common with commendable success rates. Considerations should include:

  • The long-term results of the technique
  • The numerous advantages of immediate loading
  • The reduced anxiety and discomfort
  • The high patient satisfaction
  • Relatively low costs

The Costs

This is an expensive procedure and while it will vary from dentist to dentist and different scenarios, it can cost between twenty thousand and fifty thousand dollars. Some practices make extractions a part of the initial costs, but your mouth will need a little preparation and that is another expense. Practices can bill by procedure code per tooth, per jaw, or as a whole if it will make it more affordable. Most practices are going to work with you on price and financing as much as possible.

What would this be without add-ons though? Yes, you can get add-ons. The piece made of porcelain is one upgrade. It has a higher aesthetic and some find it worth the cost. The highest upgrade, however, is making the implant with individual porcelain teeth. Basically, they give your entire mouth crowns. This is a costly endeavour but down the road, it could save a lot of money. These are becoming one with your jaw and if you have four plates and something goes wrong with one tooth, the entire section has to come out. If you get individual porcelain teeth and something goes wrong with one, your insurance is billed for one crown.

If you learned anything…

Your teeth are a valuable part of your body. You want to take care of them and even if you do, genes can get in the way. If you want to look good and feel good about your mouth, you want to do it right. This All-on-4 procedure has a 98% customer satisfaction rate and dentists love it. It is expensive, but paying up front for a lifetime of happy smiles is worth it, don’t you think?

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