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The Benefits of Float Tank Therapy

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There are many known benefits to float tank therapy which has helped to popularise this highly beneficial form of therapy around the globe. If you haven’t floated before, you may wonder what the benefits are and why so many people are doing it, so here we will look at some of the most important benefits associated with float tank therapy.

Mood Enhancing

There has been considerable research conducted into floating and the good news is that it’s great for enhancing your moods. Whether you suffer from depression or you recognise that you could be a lot happier than you currently are, why not visit a float tank in Freemantle and feel great once again?

There are a number of reasons why this increased state of happiness occurs during floating, from achieving a deep meditative state that puts the mind at ease to increasing levels of endorphins and dopamine. This is by no means quack stuff, as the research has been conducted by many government organisations and most are quick to point to the benefits that floating delivers.

Much of this research has focused on issues like depression and anxiety which affect many members of society and cause all kinds of physical problems in addition to mental ones. It is believed to be a much more effective means of treating anxiety and depression than pharmaceuticals, which are becoming a major problem the world over, including here in Australia.

So, how does float tank therapy help to ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and most importantly, should you try it? Research shows that during a floatation session, the amygdala which causes us to experience fight or flight responses to situations and can overact, shuts down. This has the effect of relieving the brain of anxiety which means the vast majority of people who have a floatation session at a float tank centre feel great afterwards.

What’s more, research also shows that the more often a person floats, the better at achieving this state they become. If you are tired of anxiety and depression ruining your life and your relationships, it’s time for you to float!

Pain Reduction

In addition to treating mental pain, floating has been proven to be highly effective at treating physical pain, with a lot of researchers focusing on the use of float tank therapy to treat migraines and the pain associated with pregnancy. It may also help the body in other ways, as it is showing positive signs of helping with sports injury recovery and it may also help to reduce the risk of cancer.

The more research that is conducted into the physical benefits of floating, the more it becomes apparent that this form of therapy is beneficial for everyone. Whether you want to relieve the symptoms of anxiety or depression, you’re getting over a sports injury or you want relief from the physical and mental pressure of pregnancy, floating is for you. It’s hoped that you have found this article interesting and that it helps to increase your knowledge of float tank therapy.

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