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What are cochlear implantations?

What are cochlear implantations? 1

Cochlea is fluid filled small part at the inner ear behind the ear drum and tympanic membrane. The main function of cochlea is to convert the input signal as mechanical vibrations in the range of 20 Hz to 20000 Hz and converts the same into electrical impulse signals which will be sent to brain through neural. Above the range, the mechanical vibrations are insensitive to the ear drum. When the cochlea is affected by some infections, it cannot perform the duty well and hearing loss occurs. The solution is going for cochlear implantation through surgery only. A small electronic device with receiver and simulator that performs the function of natural cochlea. If you experience the problem, just surf for cochlear implants New York.

What are cochlear implantations? 2

Hearing losses are classified on the different degrees of loss such as mild, moderate and severe. The implantations are a good solution when you face severe hearing loss. Otherwise you can choose the best optimal hearing aids which support the hearing ability. The hearing aids are available in many forms based on the intensity of hearing loss. They are

Behind the ear

In the ear

In the canal

Completely in the canal

What is the hearing loss requires the hearing aids?

The hearing aids are very simple one consist of receiver and a convertor which receives the signals from the environment and convert them as electrical signal thus sent to the inner ear where cochlea receives some high frequency signals because of the hearing loss. That will be directly sent to brain for processing. They will be simply amplify the incoming signals and conversion so that cochlea will be functioning as it is when it gets high frequency signal from the hearing aids. That is why it is called hearing aids. If cochlea cannot perform well, cochlear implantation is the only solution. An electronic device like this will be placed at the inner ear by surgery which does the functions of the cochlea fluid. It is a very minor surgery which can be performed in two hours. But two to four weeks you get to visit hospital to checkup.

The cochlear implantations are only performed if the possibility of hearing ability increases or when the cochlea is damaged. This surgery is solution for severe hear loss at the old age. Otherwise you can prefer hearing aids which are very comfortable in every aspects. There are many type of hearing loss due to various factors. They are conductive hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss, and combined hearing loss and Neural hearing loss etc. the conductive hearing loss are very common caused by the tympanic membrane which did not pass the information to the cochlea. It can be easily solved by the hearing aids outside the ear. Sensorineural loss is due to the damage of cochlea. If the cochlea is good and only sensitive to higher vibration these hearing aids helps doing amplifying the incoming vibrations so the cochlea functions as normal. Combined loss is by both conductive and sensorineural problems. Neural hearing loss is very difficult to cure where the information is transferred to the brain for process. This is possible by surgery only. If you live in New York and looking for implantation just lookout for cochlear implants New York.

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