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Singapore’s New Center for Healthcare Innovation and Co-Learning Network the Largest in Singapore

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On October 21, 21 groups have joined the new Center for Healthcare Innovation and Co-Learning in Singapore. It is Singapore’s largest such network at this point.

Singapore believes more will join the network in the near future.

What will the network do?

The network is set up to meet the needs of the future as well as today.

It will even help plan the way future hospitals are built and students learn medicine.

This network is set up to cover three main areas, the way students, the way in which research is conducted, and the patient perspective. It is a co-learn, co-transform, and co-develop arena in order to better meet needs in the future as well as those of today.

How is this huge network going meet the needs?

The Ng Teng Fong Healthcare Innovation Program has issued a $52 Million endowment to help the Center for Health Care Innovation with this innovative project of co-learning and health care needs. By developing for future needs of vaccines, medications for future illnesses, training, and research Singapore can be ready for the abundant health issues of the older population that it is seeing. Patients should get better health care this way while the costs of research and medicines will not skyrocket and without a loss of effective health care.

What will be included in the center?

The center should be ready by late 2018 and will include;

  • Simulation labs
  • Conferencing
  • Exhibition Facilities

That is just a few of the things the center will hold.

By having everything in one center it will help the learning, researching, and patients’ needs as well.

Who has signed in for the center so far?

Here are some of those who have joined the center already;

  • LKC Medicine
  • TTSH
  • Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital
  • Mahidol University, in Thailand
  • MOHH’s Healthcare Leadership College

The center is sure other international as well as local groups will join in the near future.

With plenty of local and international partners, this center can go far in meeting medical needs today as well as those of the future.

The center buildings

The center is building each section so that they can link together via foot bridges inside to make it easier to conference and learn as well as research the innovations needed to bring about the best health care possible for Singapore as well as others.

This allows collaboration to be across the foot bridge rather than across town saving time and money. Moving the direction of research, medicine, and learning together quicker will help the center meet the needs of the many with much lower costs.

Will it work?

With access to the patients, to learning, and to research it is almost impossible to fail in its mission of meeting the needs of Singapore today as well as those in the future.

One can only imagine the breakthroughs that will be made in the research of diseases of today as well as those of the future from this network.

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