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Ways of Coping with Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain in pain that lasts for more than three months. This pain can come and go giving you temporary relief before the frustration kicks in. Dealing with chronic pain is difficult if you don’t know its cause. Yancey Pain & Spine specialists advise that you need to start incorporating effective ways of relieving your back or neck pain. Remember, your lower back supports your upper body weight and gets a lot of strain and stress due to everyday engagements involving twisting and lifting movements.

A sudden injury can affect your lower back. Also, the wear and tear of aging, doing physical activity, or arthritis too can result in lower back pain. Chronic pain can elicit emotional reactions like terror and fear, depending on the pain signals. Some people perceive it as a nuisance. However, chronic pain is recognized in the medical field, and this pain is always subjective. You can use pain management therapies, which rely on using your mind to control your pain, as a coping strategy.

Ways of Managing Your Chronic Pain

Always take note of the following tips to help you cope with your pain. The tips given are very effective.

1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being overweight brings more strain and stress to your lower back as you age. Always follow the recommendations of the doctor regarding exercise and diet. The aim is to manage your weight and ensure it’s within the healthy range for your specific height.

2. Wear Proper Footwear

Wearing supportive footwear enhances your posture and increases your stability. Besides, it decreases the risks of having lower back pain. Ensure the footwear is appropriate for that activity such as sneakers for exercises or running and boots for construction work. You can wear unsupportive footwear occasionally like high heels, flip flops without fearing lower back pain. However, prolonged wearing of unsupportive footwear increases pressure on your lower spine.

3. Use Heat and Cold Treatment

If you have a lower back injury, apply cold treatment within 24-72 hours to reduce swelling and ease your pain. Afterwards, you can switch to heat treatment to help relax your muscles. Heat is useful in treating chronic lower back pain not related to acute injury. However, don’t use it for more than 20 minutes to prevent skin damage.

4. Maintain Correct Posture

Sit or walk in the correct posture. You can use a chair that supports your lower back if you are working on a desk job. Avoid hunching forward to use the keyboard or mouse or to see the computer screen. Avoid slouching but keep the spine erect. When you lift something, bend and straighten your body from the knees and not your waist. Move the hips without twisting from one side to the other. Maintain proper posture when engaging in sports or other activities that require repetitive motions.

5. Regular Stretching Exercises

Stretch your muscles regularly to relieve chronic pain and prevent any future back issues. Do a variety of stretches as the back muscles extend in different directions.

6. Get a Massage

Massages lengthens shortened muscles and relieves your muscle tensions in the lower back. Having a healthy lower back leads to overall stability and prevents future lower back issues.

7. Sleep in a Quality Mattress

A medium-firm mattress and the right sleeping position is good for your chronic pain relief. Go for a softer mattress if you sleep on your side. Consequently, opt for a firmer mattress if you sleep on your back or stomach. Sleep on your stomach to relieve your lower back pain. If the pain doesn’t improve, consult a spine specialist.

Report any red flags to your doctor for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. The tips above help relieve chronic pain and have proved effective in this endeavor. See a spine specialist if the pain persists or becomes severe.

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