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Absolute Eye Care in Bourbonnais

Absolute Eye Care in Bourbonnais

Eyes are essential parts of our body and are crucial to your health. The world around you could not make much sense when your eyes are not as healthy as you rely on them as most people do to interact with it through vision. You should ensure an optometrist checks your eyes as early as possible to diagnose and treat issues that can lead to eye problems or even vision loss.

For absolute eye care, you should find Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski in Bourbonnais,  An optometrist who leads a team of experts with honesty to effectively give you the eye care you deserve.

About Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski

Dr. Nicholas Rutkowski is the founder and the lead optometrist of Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D., and Associates. Situated in Frankfort and Bourbonnais, Illinois Dr. Rutkowski offers exemplary vision and eye care to patients and puts the needs of the patients first. As a result, these patients have rated him as a caring, understanding, and honest optometrist.

Dr. Rutkowski is an undergraduate degree holder in pre-medicine and biology from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, and also holds an optometric degree at Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Rutkowski is also an active member of the Illinois Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association. Such exposure has enabled him to focus on comprehensive eye care.

Services offered

At Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D. and Associates, you can get ideal eye care with the following top-notch services.

  • Eye exams

An expert team evaluates your visual eye system at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D., and Associates through a comprehensive examination. It is conducted through the latest technology such as advanced retinal imaging.

  • Astigmatism

It is the condition that results in blurred vision as a result of the cornea’s curvature being imperfect. Diagnosis of this condition at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D, and Associates include keratometry test, refraction, and visual acuity test.

  • Contacts and glasses

It would help if you got adequate contacts and glasses that will give you excellent vision. The expert team at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D and Associates have you covered for the best examinations and different types of glasses and contacts to suit you.

  • Red-eye

It is a condition of the sclera becoming reddened due to several factors such as prolonged screen time, smoke exposure, sleep deprivation, or rubbing of your eyes among many others. The red-eye symptoms are evaluated at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D, and Associates to determine the cause and pave the way forward for the treatment.

  • Allergic eye problems

Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D, and Associates offer treatments to this problem in several ways, including the use of steroid eye drops, oral antihistamines, and recommending lifestyle changes. Such personalized procedures ensure that you get rid of unpleasant symptoms and give you back your comfort.

  • Dry eye treatment

It is a condition associated with inadequate tear production and can cause serious eye health problems. To prevent this, Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D, and Associates understand that such treatment depends on your particular needs and offers the most effective treatment to you.

Other services offered at Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D, and Associates include LASIK for correcting your vision away from glasses and Eye Care, which ensures risks from other health conditions are evaluated.

Having eye health-related problems such as red-eye, astigmatism, and allergic eye conditions requires you to seek a practitioner who can understand your health condition. Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D, and Associates in Illinois are what you need for comprehensive eye care and the best services such as contact and glasses, eye exams, LASIK, and eye health.

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