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Treatment Options for Tremors


Tremors can have a huge impact on your quality of life, as they majorly affect your brain. Such interference can prevent you from carrying out your daily activities or have a reduced ability to accomplish the things you love the most. Fortunately, all that can change when you visit your New York tremors expert, who will look at your issue meticulously and find ways to help you.

How can tremors affect your quality of life?

A tremor, as the name suggests, is a movement. However, in people, the term refers to an involuntary action that reduces your ability to hold on to objects. Tremors can range from mild ones that involve shaking or nodding to severe cases, when problem can notably affect your everyday life. You might even lose the ability to hold on to water or a pen when you want to accomplish your everyday work.

What are the signs of tremors?

Tremors have different ways in which they manifest. However, in their complex nature when affecting people, you can expect the following signs as a reason why you should see your doctor for tremor treatment.

  •         You might notice a rhythmic movement of your hands and legs.
  •         You could note an issue when putting items on your hands.
  •         You could have a shaky voice.
  •         You might also discover you have an issue when walking.

What causes tremors?

Tremors arise from many issues; however, you will need a specialist at NY Neurology Associates to help deal with the problem. Following are some possible causes:

  •         Thyroid disease
  •         Liver failure
  •         Multiple sclerosis
  •         Degenerative brain issues
  •         Parkinson problems
  •         Stroke 
  •         Thyroid problems
  •         Brain injuries
  •         Overconsumption of alcohol

Unfortunately, your tremors can arise from some unknown underlying issue. People with advanced age in society have a larger tendency of having the problem.

How do doctors treat tremors?

Tremors arise from many underlying issues and can cause devastating damage to your quality of life. However, when you make your way to NY Neurology Associates, you have a chance for a turnaround of the condition. Your doctor will begin the treatment with a question and answer session that goes deep into understanding your problem’s main cause. What follows is the use of medical instruments to confirm that you have the issue and the best approaches to improve. Tests you should expect during diagnosis include imaging, stimulations in the brain, and blood tests.

Once your doctor discovers your issue and the best approaches to take during treatment, you can expect to have the best treatment approaches. One such treatment you might come across includes a tiny device that uses electric pulses to reach some parts of your brain to arrest the tremors. The device can aid in many ways, as your doctor can fine-tune it to fit your symptoms.

Do not let your tremors reduce your life quality, with many treatments available to make the situation better. Begin your journey to a redefined life by calling or booking your appointment online.

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