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Safe & Effective Fertility Preservation with Oncofertility Specialists in California


The California Center for Reproductive Health is dedicated to optimizing and raising awareness of the accessibility of fertility preservation alternatives for female patients diagnosed with cancer. In the US, more than 100,000 individuals under 45 years old are diagnosed with cancer every year. Even though the cancer diagnosis is life-threatening, advancements in cancer therapies, especially chemotherapeutics, have resulted in dramatic enhancements in survival. In turn, the medical community has acknowledged the significance of patient counseling and the search for fertility preservation. To find out more about oncofertility in Encino and West Hollywood, CA, schedule a consultation with the practice through mobile or book online.

What are the possible effects of cancer treatment on your future fertility?

The probable impact of cancer treatments, i.e., radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy, on your future fertility might include:

  • Reducing the production of ovarian hormones and the number of eggs stored in your ovaries, hence premature menopause
  • Uterine vascular insufficiency may cause difficulties keeping pregnancies
  • Uterine or tubular scarring may interfere with implantation and fertilization
  • Germ cell failure may cause early ovarian failure

How long does the fertility preservation cycle take?

Dr. Mor and Dr. Woo of California Center for Reproductive Health work closely with your oncologist to develop the quickest and safest treatment plan for you. Expedited treatment alternatives can be started instantly (regardless of where you are in your menstrual cycle) and be completed before your scheduled cancer therapy. This process will take about two weeks.

Is ovarian stimulation safe for someone with hormonally sensitive cancer?

At California Center for Reproductive Health, the providers only utilize the safest procedures, specially structured for hormone-sensitive cancer patients. Incorporating aromatase modulators like letrozole to women who have breast cancer undergoing fertility preservation, the survival recurrence rates are not different between women who opt to undergo fertility preservation versus those who didn’t.

Do you need a partner for fertility preservation?

Absolutely not. Advancements in technology have enabled providers to perform vitrification, where eggs are frozen in a glass-like state, with no water crystal formation damage. These frozen eggs are saved indefinitely and then thawed to be used in the future with similar efficiency to frozen embryos.

How safe is carrying a pregnancy following remission?

It all varies according to the particular form of cancer and the treatment you’re undergoing. Besides, when deciding to get pregnant, your timing should be closely worked between your oncologist and reproductive endocrinologist. Fortunately, the current studies don’t indicate a decreased risk of survival or increased recurrence risk once a woman conceives while in remission for breast cancer survivors.

How much does fertility preservation cost?

Last year, Governor Newsom and the California State Senate passed a bill highlighting fertility preservation services as a primary healthcare service, which insurers should cover. To find out more about the available financing options and the post-treatment family building grants, visit the facility’s website.

That said, the chance to have a child in the future is a highly essential issue for many women, especially cancer patients. Advancements in cancer therapy have resulted in enhanced overall survival. At California Center for Reproductive Health, the providers offer the safest and most effective fertility preservation methods. To get started, request an appointment today by calling the office or booking online.

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