Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery

Skin cancer has become one of the most popular forms of cancer. If you have the condition, you are not alone, and there is no need to worry. What you should be asking is, which is the right way to manage the condition?

Dr. William Gillen, a Mohs surgeon in Glen Allen, VA, offers a very safe and effective outpatient surgical procedure to remove certain skin cancer types. Mohs surgery is a technique that focuses on removing skin cancer completely and has a cure rate of 98-99%, depending on the location, type, and size of cancer. Although there are other ways to treat skin cancer, Mohs surgery has proven effective, and here are five reasons why you should consider the procedure.

  1. Healthy Tissues are Spared

Unlike many surgical procedures that take excessive margins and remove the healthy skin together with the cancerous skin, the Mohs technique meticulously maps the cancerous skin out without affecting the natural skin. Incisions are made with high accuracy focusing only on the involved skin, allowing healthy skin tissue to remain undamaged.

  1. The procedure has a High Cure Rate.

Compared to other skin cancer treatment options, the Mohs technique has the highest cure rate. This should be the first factor you should consider when choosing the right procedure for you. The procedure has proven effective with up to 99% cure rate, and there is no other treatment that has been able to achieve such a higher rate.

The high success rate can be because the Mohs procedure is very precise in removing all the cancerous tissue and rapid testing affirms the success.

  1. This is an Outpatient Procedure

When people hear about surgery, the idea of recovering in the hospital environment may not be favorable. Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about that as Mohs surgery has taken care of it. You no longer have to spend time in the hospital or be put under general anesthesia. You will get out of the office the same day after your procedure, and the downtime is very minimal. The entire procedure can take 2-4 hours, allowing you to calm down if you are a bit apprehensive. This means that you can get to your daily activities in no time.

  1. Multiple Choices

Unlike other procedures that can be limited to the conditions they treat, Mohs surgery can be considered the gold standard as it treats many different types of skin cancers. This means that if you have an aggressive cancerous spot, recurring cancer from the previous treatment, or a rapidly growing skin lesion, Mohs is the best option.

  1. Scarring is Minimized

Most skin cancers occur on cosmetically sensitive areas, including the face, and therefore esthetic outcomes need to be considered. With Mohs surgery, the extent of tissue requiring repair after the procedure minimizes the healthy tissues’ impact. As a result, you get to receive superior cosmetic results compared to other procedures associated with much scarring and damage to healthy skin.

To learn how the Mohs procedure can help you, reach out to Dr. Gillen at Absolute Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center.

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