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Effective Home Remedy Tips to Relieve Pain

Relieve Pain

Persistent hip, back, and neck pain are a disaster if they interfere with how we carry on with our routines. There are so many factors that could cause us chronic pain, but pain remedies are almost similar in each case. Lifestyle factors can be managed by changing our daily habits, which will, in turn, help us live a pain-free improved life for a long time. You should seek help from a qualified medical practitioner if there is no improvement after using home remedies. Book an appointment with Integrated Neurology Services for fast and effective pain management in Falls Church.

Below are the tips you can use at home to alleviate chronic pain:

Use ice and heat

Heat and ice are the most common treatment methods used to heal back and knee injuries. Using ice will help reduce swelling while using heat and massage helps improve blood flow in the affected area. Cold also reduces the nerve’s ability to transmit pain signals.

Change to more comfortable supportive shoes

Shoes could be one of the primary problems for our backs. People who work in high heels for a long period have higher chances of developing back pains than others. Therefore, if shoes cause your back pain, you should change to the flat type that will exert lower pressure on your back.

Change your mattress

There is no standard lifespan of mattresses. Their durability depends on the manufacture and their use. However, if your mattress is over eight years old, you may want to consider getting a new one as it could be causing you back problems. This does not mean that you require a very firm mattress; a medium one will do.

Exercise and stretch

You are at a high risk of experiencing back pain if you live a sedentary lifestyle. People with such a lifestyle should strive to exercise daily for a few minutes or hours. Simple exercises like walking, yoga, and gentle stretches will do. For example, walking on the way home will help alleviate back pain.

Quit smoking

People associate smoking with circulatory and respiratory problems. The little known fact is that smoking could also be contributing to chronic back pain. Patients who quit smoking have an improved blood circulation to the back that alleviates pain.

Reduce stress

This is another reason why you should adopt mild exercise. According to studies, walking and yoga are known to reduce stress in most people. Because stress makes back pain worse, these stress-relieving techniques will eliminate chronic pain.

Adopt a healthy diet

A condition that affects bones called osteoporosis is also known to cause chronic pain. Doctors recommend that we eat foods and take supplements rich in vitamin D and calcium to strengthen our bones and reduce related pain.

When to see a doctor

Home remedies are useful in relieving mild back and hip pain. However, if the problem gets worse even after taking the necessary measures, you should see a doctor. Specialists at Integrated Neurology Services perform advanced procedures to manage and treat all pain problems. Book an appointment online for personalized care.

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