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Tips to choose the best kids-friendly dentist


Everybody wants to take care of their kids’ health in the best possible manner. Unfortunately, when it comes to the dental health care of children, parents often face issues with finding the best kids- friendly dentist. As a result, they sometimes take the kids to a general dentist, who may not have the proper knowledge to handle kids.

If you’re a resident of Berwick and want to choose the Berwick Dental Clinic for your kids, you can take your child to Eden Rise dental clinic. This family dental clinic is mainly responsible for the smiles of the local community. If you’re not convinced, you can always consider the following tips before choosing a dentist for your child.

Check the environment out:

Many adults too don’t enjoy seeing dentists because of the uncomfortable environment they usually come across. Therefore, it’s extremely crucial for you to find a kids-friendly dentist for your child. Check out things like whether or not the waiting room is kid-friendly, if the dentist’s office is designed for kids or not, etc. In short, the dental clinic you choose should offer a cosy atmosphere where your child can remain calm and at ease. Apart from the environment, you also need to check whether or not the clinic has all the dental equipment necessary to handle kids’ oral care.

Check reviews:

Conduct thorough research about the reputation of your shortlisted kids’ dentists. Many parents frequently share their experiences with different dental clinics on various review sites. These reviews will help you get a good idea of what you should expect from a particular dental clinic or dentist along with lots of insights into the quality of its services. When going through these reviews, see if you can find anything related to the behavioural management skills of the dentist. For instance, whether or not the dentist greets kids with a warm smile – this is essential to make children less worried and anxious.

Training and experience of the dentist:

You’ll be taking your child regularly to your chosen dental clinic and relying on them for your little one’s dental health. So, it makes sense to check their training and qualifications. Paediatric dentists are specially trained for protecting the oral health of kids. During the speciality training, they learn how to handle kids’ behaviour and make children feel comfortable by creating a pleasant experience.

Some kids-friendly dentists also earn qualifications and receive training for dealing with kids with special needs. You should also make sure that your chosen dental clinic has proper licenses from appropriate authorities. And remember finding out how long the dentist is in his/her profession, i.e. experience is important as well. After all, it’s always better to take your kid to an experienced dentist instead of a novice one.

Ask for references:

You should also ask your family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbours to suggest some reputable dental clinics in Berwick dentist. Chances are they already know an experienced

Kids- Friendly Dentist or have taken their kids to that dentist and received satisfactory service.


In addition to the above, the first visit to a dental clinic for kids should be a consultation, unless it isn’t an emergency. It’ll help both you and your kid to get to know the dentist and take in the environment of the dental clinic.

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